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The mile-long stretch beginning at the intersection of El Cajon Boulevard and Florida Avenue, beneath the blue and red neon "Boulevard" sign, and heading east to 37th Street is a hotspot for prostitution. The boulevard, long known as a sweet spot for streetwalkers, has surpassed other hooker-heavy areas such as Midway Drive and the outskirts of the Gaslamp.

A monthly dispatch from District 3 councilmember Todd Gloria's office, released in early July, indicates that in June, 32 people were arrested for prostitution and solicitation of prostitution in a "safety sweep" of El Cajon Boulevard between Florida Avenue and 35th Street. "The majority of the people involved were first-time offenders," reads the dispatch.

While many of the offenders may have been first-timers, it is not the first time that arrests here have numbered over two dozen in a month's time. Since the beginning of the year, the monthly average for prostitution-related arrests on the boulevard is 26. Arrests spiked to the highest from March 1 to April 1 with 42.

According to the Automated Regional Justice Information System, the website that shares data from local law enforcement agencies, during the past seven months, the highest number of arrests made on the boulevard came in October 2009, when police arrested 66 people for prostitution.

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Founder July 20, 2010 @ 8:55 a.m.

I'd like to also point out that if the SDPD had more Officers in the field they would be doing more of this type of "roundup" enforcement, generating more citations and our Mid City Crime stats would also be higher, reflecting that effort. Residents in Mid City know we have a BIG Crime problem and it's size is much larger than our "stats" indicate!

As it is now, San Diego has "Lower" Crime stats because of the reduction in enforcement NOT because there is less Crime being committed! This is very important because there are many decisions that depend on these "Stats" being accurate and for a while now because they are "fictitious" lower our Decision Makers have been making their decisions based upon less than accurate info!

Recently the County came out with their "Crime is Lower in San Diego" Report but when I asked it's Author about the reduction in PD Officers and their affect upon the Report's Data, I was told that in fact the Report was referring only to the Serious "Level 1" Crimes like Murder and Rape and those were the types of Crimes that were lower.

Here is an Great example: Because the different Enforcement Agencies (SDPD, SDPD-VICE & CA-ABC) use their "own" forms, if the correct form is not filled out then "that" Crime was not committed because they do not share information with each other! So when NP Residents want to protest a new Alcohol license the ABC looks at it's records and if it does not see any "of their forms" then they consider that no Complaints/Crimes have been made and agree to support the Licensee's request!

In short, No enforcement DOES NOT MEAN LESS Crime; in fact these "Sweeps" really indicate that our Crime problems are much larger than our PD data shows. One SDPD Officer put it in context during a recent North Park DUI "Sweep", "It's like shooting fish in a barrel"...

Our reporting system "works" by directing Officers toward the areas that have received the most reported calls, so you can help by reporting all Crimes and you can do so without leaving your Name, Just tell them you are "Neighborhood Watch".

Here is how to report a "Non Emergency": http://www.sandiego.gov/police/help/nonemergencies.shtml

Here is the Alcohol License Establishment Form: http://www.sandiego.gov/police/forms/alcohol.shtml Here is the Cal-ABC Forms: http://www.abc.ca.gov/forms/PDFEnf.html


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