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"Think for yourself. Question authority." The words of Timothy Leary echoed through Viejas Arena as Tool took the stage, letting the expectant crowd know that they'd be blasting off with "Third Eye."

The abundance of past tour T-shirts signaled that this was not the first Tool show for most of the audience, which was pummeled for two hours with intense, engrossing progressive metal.

The visual focus was not on the four men onstage, but on the psychedelic artwork that pulsed and spiraled on large video screens. The set included popular singles "Stinkfist," "Schism," and "Forty-Six & 2."

As on their last few tours, Tool performed only one song from their first full-length, 1993's Undertow. "Do you believe in time travel?" singer Maynard James Keenan asked before launching into the album's opening cut, "Intolerance." The highlight, however, was the finale of epic tracks "Lateralus" and "AEnema," a kiss-off to their hometown, "this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A." The crowd joined in, screaming lyrics condemning L. Ron Hubbard and "all his clones," gun-toting gangster wannabes, and insecure actresses loud enough for their SoCal neighbors to hear.

  • Concert: Tool
  • Date: July 15
  • Venue: Viejas Arena, SDSU
  • Seats: floor, center
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Gail Powell July 20, 2010 @ 1:24 p.m.

This is a very succinct review of that awesome show. Everyone around me looked to be in some kind of suspended state of euphoria just to have Tool up on stage in front of them.

Maynard took care to have the seating go all the way up to the stage-NO MOSH PITS! I am sure that 2004 Street Scene still haunts him to this day! The visuals and videos used during the shows were top notch and I still am amazed at how the lattice-like light fixtures descended and green strobe lights were filtered through them to achieve a green-house-type netting affect over the entire Arena.

Though Tool may seem superficially like another head-banger metal band; they are so much more than that. With attention paid to their lyrics-they are the thinking man(and woman's)hardcore band and I would state unequivocally-YOU are a FOOL if you miss TOOL!


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