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On July 12, the Del Mar City Council unanimously adopted a new ordinance to declare certain private property open to public parking and added a parking-meter zone on the 1400 block of Maiden Lane. The ordinance came about after property owners requested the City’s assistance in regulating parking areas being used by the general public.

According to city staff, representatives from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Ocean Windows Condominiums HOA, and Union Bank — which are all located around Maiden Lane — had contacted the City regarding the frequent misuse of their private parking lots. Staff concurred that despite the posting of signs restricting parking, the lots have been subject to illegal parking.

One city staff member reported that he witnessed the abuse of Ocean Windows' parking over the Fourth of July weekend. Non-permitted vehicles would gain entry into the private lot by following resident vehicles through a security gate, he said.

The City is expected to install up to 22 parking meters near St. Peter’s and will also begin to enforce parking regulations in the nearby non-metered private-parking areas. Revenue generated from the parking meters will be shared with the church.

Resident Bill Michalski spoke during public comment to endorse the ordinance: “I think it’s a clever idea. It fills a need for both parties and I believe it will keep people a little more honest…. I see some good here…. I think the revenue stream can’t hurt.”

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Founder July 14, 2010 @ 9:45 a.m.

I'm curious what the Church's share is of the parking meter "take"?

Does Del Mar follow the Golden Rule or are they just out for the Gold?

Also, if the City will also share a percentage of the fines it collects from parking tickets and or the towing of these cars, then that would be a deal made in Heaven for the Church!


delmargal Oct. 19, 2010 @ 12:46 a.m.

While I am in support of the revenue stream I have to admit I can't stand the new parking meters. For years I've been parking on the lower level of the church parking where it was only church parking "Sunday from 7am to noon". I have to admit the night I pulled in and saw the meters I was annoyed.

Let's go back to Columbus day weekend. On Saturday night at 7:30pm all the meters were covered with bags for special event parking, none of them were full.

Strike two: 9:30am Monday not a soul in sight and not a car in sight at the church the meters were still covered for special event parking.

What happens if this becomes a trend? I have friends who already don't want to come to Del Mar because of the parking, way to go, let's decrease tourism a bit more.

What does a church need all the meters covered for on a Saturday night and Monday morning if there clearly was no event?

Frustrated in Del Mar.


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