Cameron and Vashti say Golden Triangle's L.A. tour stop was "a mess," partly 'cause the venue pocketed some of the band's earnings. Setting up at the Pink isn't being easy, either. There's some protracted fiddling with equipment borrowed from Christmas Island. Suddenly, the band starts playing. That Vashti and Carly's vocals can't be pushed further up in the mix is apparently a mere bag o' shells against the band's desperate jones to throw down.

Per Wikipedia, the term "golden triangle" has been applied to 33 different places or things. Based on the chills I'm getting from a throbbing plunge into "Cinco de Mayo," the opium-producing triangle straddling Thailand and Myanmar is the GT with which the band shares the most symbiosis — although the erotic "GT" runs a close second. The six-piece unleashes a gorgeous wall of noise that doesn't let up until it stops prematurely, about 35 minutes in, when rabid drummer Jay breaks Christmas Island's kick pedal. Before that, it's a whirring, thumping blur; an onstage bash climaxes when Carly slithers around the floor as Vashti crouches and contorts.

Whether it's 'cause Alix's bass feels somewhat muted, almost a dimension to O.J. and Cameron's guitar din, the delicious drone raises hairs on my neck — a rare feat that in pure rock terms (excepting more progressive/experimental artists) has previously been accomplished only by the Cramps (with Bryan Gregory/without bass), Sonic Youth, and TFUL 282. Also, the vocal harmonies dip below the melody (the Beatles' choice), which purportedly makes listeners hear a third, "phantom" note. Whatever the formula, this here's some crazy magic.

  • Concert: Golden Triangle
  • Date: July 11
  • Venue: Bar Pink
  • Seats: left and center

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