Although they try to be standoffish and badass, Clipt Beaks are just a bunch of dragged kids dealing with rejected loves and wavering self-esteem. Just like the rest of us.

Their second full-length, To Realize, sounds just as acid-damaged as their debut, incorporating the same batch of brittle guitars, totemic drums, and big washes of indecipherable haze. But when the lyrics poke their head above the murk, they're not waxing on political injustice or surrealist nonsense like their heroes the Pop Group and Liars, in fact they come off as emo -- despondently infatuated with a girl whose never ever going to reciprocate. Lead singer Nick Barbeln even lets loose a few treble-mulching, genuine howls. He's in pain and he wants you to know it, but it holds together well for an hour-long record.

  • Album title: To Realize (2010)
  • Artist: Clipd Beaks
  • Label: Lovepump
  • Songs: (1) Strangler (2) Blood (3) Broke Life (4) Visions (5) Home (6) Atoms (7) Dust (8) Desert Highway Music (9) Jamn (10) On One (11) Shot on a Horse

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clipd_beaks Feb. 4, 2010 @ 10:43 p.m.

Hey man, Thanks for listening to our record and writing about it!

We feel there are some things that you may have misinterpreted though, and we'd like to clarify our standpoint.

To begin, we don't try to be standoffish or badass; we're totally down to earth guys. On that note, it's not "Just Nick" it's Nick Barbeln, and that's what it says on the inside of the record. We're not trying to be pretentious or mysterious people...We're guessing that you probably didn't have a real/physical copy of the record to review, cuz our full names and entire lyrics are printed out right in the fold out.

Here's a good note about who we are, if you care to read:

On a related note, our record is not about unreciprocated love, girls, wavering self-esteem, etc... On the contrary, it's about rejecting doom, moving forward, and self-empowerment. It's a love record, but not in a lifetime original/hallmark gushy sense of the word. And it's not of the whiney/emo nature, with all of the "why don't you love me back" sentiments; it's more about an understanding and acceptance of one's own skin, and one's relationships to others and the world, and coming to acceptance with those relationships.

One more note to make, Liars and the Pop Group are not our heros. We've been around for about the same time as Liars, and none of us have ever listened to the Pop Group. If you wanna know who are real influences and heros are, check out this mix we made for the Magnet Magazine:

We aren't writing this to prove a point, we just really care about making ourselves understood.

Once again, thanks for listening to our record!

Rock on! Clipd Beaks


ourillwills Feb. 5, 2010 @ 1:11 a.m.

Woah you guys actually read this stuff!

Anyways thanks for the response, I've since listened to the record again I can I can definitely see what you're getting at; sorry for misrepresenting your intention is print, but hey, rock criticism is sorta built upon misrepresenting people :p.

And when I say "standoffish and badass" it's more of a reference to your musical demeanor, which is very, as you say, empowering, it's not something you mess with. I wasn't necessarily referring to your personal behaviors.

When I said (Just Nick) it wasn't some subtext to your 'mysteriousness' I was just pulling it off your myspace that reads simply, "Nick."

Anyways, keep making great music and I'll keep reviewing it.

P.S. You guys are better than Liars anyway.

P.P.S. you should really listen to some Pop Group!


ourillwills Feb. 5, 2010 @ 1:47 a.m.

P.P.P.S. I really wasn't trying to be reductive in the Liars comparsion, its an obvious touchstone and in the space of 200 words its my job to relate the music to the reader in the most economic way, given a wider venue I could go into excruciating detail of why your band is unLiars in a lot of ways but that's entirely not fun to read.


clipd_beaks Feb. 5, 2010 @ 7:25 a.m.

Oh hey man! No problem, we hear ya...

Where should we start with Pop Group?


ourillwills Feb. 5, 2010 @ 12:05 p.m.

Definitely 'Y' is probably their best effort. They make really disparate post punk and I'm pretty sure you'll dig it.


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