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The Sunset Cliffs Trunk Sewer project is slated to begin in September, stated a city representative at the Ocean Beach Town Council meeting on August 25.

The extensive sewer repair and replacement project — which will tear up one of the main thoroughfares in Ocean Beach — is due to last nine months.

Project engineer Riyadh Makani said that there is the possibility of major impact on traffic: one lane will be closed in sections of involved roadway during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Directors of the project are working with public transportation officials to ease conflict with city bus lines.

The Sunset Cliffs Trunk Sewer project seeks to upgrade and improve the capacity of the 40-year-old trunk sewer lines in parts of Ocean Beach. The project will focus on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard between West Pt. Loma Boulevard, through the cross-street of Pt Loma Avenue. Also, Bacon Street between West Pt. Loma and Long Branch Avenue.

Much of the existing trunk sewer lines on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard are to be replaced; a portion toward Cable Street will be realigned. The trunk-sewer line in place on Long Branch Avenue will be abandoned.

Ocean Beach Town Council boardmember Dave Martin raised a question about possible damage being caused to roads and whether it would be possible to involve other surrounding roads in the resurfacing at the completion of the project, as they are already in poor condition. The city representatives responded that the four-million-dollar project is only funded for the roads directly involved with the sewer lines but that they are amenable to working with other city departments to expand the resurfacing.

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packman Sept. 1, 2010 @ 10:10 p.m.

This is a scaled down letter sent to the SD Reader Editor.

Hello, I would like to know why The San Diego Reader chooses not to cover more stories regarding the constant pollution that flows from the San Diego river to our beaches (Pacific Beach/South Mission Beach/Dog Beach & Ocean Beach) and most importantly Chemical Trails? I live in Ocean Beach, to give you a better geographical location, I live Thirty feet from the sand, in front of lifeguard tower 4, in direct departure route of the San Diego International Airport. Just about everyday from about 7:00 a.m. to early afternoon I witness the beautiful blue sky deteriorate. I sit outside and watch Jet, after Jet, after jet continuously filling the sky with these "Chemical Trails"...What is going on here??? How can the city continue to ignore these extremely dangerous issues??????????

I / We, the city of Ocean Beach / San Diego want and need REAL answers! Not ambiguous bullshit fluff. We need the TRUTH.

"In the last few years Chemtrail sightings have become so common in some areas that there has been a public outcry for an explanation. You've most likely seen "contrails" left by high flying jets.Those thin white "scrapes" you see way up there are made by water vapor and occur between 10,000-30,000 feet. They last from 4 seconds to a minute and dissolve away in the direction they're made. all across the US and other countries. Some are sprayed so low, people report smelling the chemicals in them. They major problem with Chemtrails is that they are making people very sick, and once you start noticing you'll see you don't feel too great after a 'spray day', either.

What are chemtrails? They resemble jet contrails in that they start out as a white line of 'trail' from an aircraft. Unlike contrails, they can be very low and are sometimes tinged with oranges, yellows or purples or even reflect oily rainbows in them.. Analysis of chemtrail spray have turned up powdered aluminum, barium, pathogens and even dried human blood cells." Source-(www.anomalies-unlimited.com)

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this monumental story. I look forward to the San Diego Readers investigation, hopefully you the S.D.R. Editor will choose a reporter that illuminates integrity / balls, someone who is not afraid of the truth no matter what it cost him, her or the S.D. Reader.

Sincerely & Respectfully, A frightened and concerned San Diego citizen.


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