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Artist: Endoxi
Song: “I’m Bipolar” (from the CD New Blood, Old Soul)
Heard By: Taylor Nelson, Chula Vista

Endoxi: "I'm Bipolar"

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Basically, the high point to me was the fact that they used real instruments — real drums, real bass, real horns — I liked that part of it. It’s nice to hear because so often now music is recorded with synthesized horns or a drum machine. I thought the composition was pretty good. The vocals and lyrics were okay. He kind of dragged out the emotional part of it too much for me. I heard a little bit of Bradley Nowell [of Sublime] in the vocals. That song wasn’t really reggae, but it kind of had that poppy, college-party sound. I could see white, college-aged males being into it — frat guys. I picture them drinking beer to that song.

Artist: Somato Sensory
Song: “Gardens of Guilt” (from the CD Life on Autopilot)
Heard By: Hannah Perlmutter, Point Loma

Somato Sensory: "Gardens of Guilt"

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It was okay. It reminded me of Panic at the Disco or…punk. It was “emo-ish.” It wasn’t really my kind of music. I listen to a lot of everything — jazz, underground rap — but not stuff like that. I caught something about “heaven” in the lyrics. There was nothing that I was surprised to hear in the song — nothing unique, really. I wouldn’t call it catchy, but I could see it being played on the radio. The overall mood of the song was kind of dark. I picture a lame college party when I hear that song — people smashing beers. I would give that song a four out of ten.

Artist: Bombay Status
Song: “Clutter” (from the CD Color Gun)
Heard By: Jake Anzarouth, Golden Hill

Bombay Status: "Clutter"

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They lacked punch. I feel like they have this kind of appeal to them that reminds me of Lambchop but probably just because I’ve been listening to Lambchop so much. It’s definitely not the kind of “nouveau-country” that Lambchop is bringing to the table. It’s kind of just predominant piano and the guy’s voice. It kind of sounds like the Strokes but unplugged and not on a lot of coke. It’s really happy and feel-good — you get that vibe that they’re really “clean.” It’s a song about burgeoning love…and she’s probably hesitant because he’s a little desperate and plays the piano. That’s just creepy.

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