Backcountry Benefits
I just read your article on the San Diego County Fire Authority and wish you had talked to another agency for a contrasting point of view (“Big Agency Burns Small Volunteers,” “City Lights,” July 23). I am the fire chief for the Intermountain Fire and Rescue Department, and we cover 125 square miles of the backcountry between Ramona, Julian, and Lake Henshaw. We signed the same contract that Shelter Valley did, and my community and my firefighters have benefited greatly because of it. Your story is incomplete.
Cary J. Coleman
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Bauder One Of Two
RE: “Bang! Bang! Pay Up,” City Lights, July 23

I always feel much better informed after reading Don Bauder’s investigative reporting and various weekly commentaries. Both he and one of my friends, Mr. Jerry Mazza, associate editor of the Online Journal, who currently resides in NYC, are hands-down two of the most talented and thought-provoking investigative reporters and commentators in the country.
Fred Harden III
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Make Food, Not War
On July 2, Naomi Wise reviewed our restaurant, Pasha Mediterranean Cafe and Grill. Although she concentrated on the Turkish dishes, my husband has many wonderful Lebanese dishes on the menu. Her review mentioned the Armenian controversy, which is currently a hot spot in the Turkish and Armenian communities in California. But we are just a small family restaurant, trying to serve great food. We welcome people from both sides of this issue — Armenians and Turks — as well as Lebanese and everyone else!
Tuba Ibrahim
Pasha Mediterranean Cafe and Grill

I picked up a copy of the Reader this week to see your article about the Canes fire (“This Is Not a Good Time,” “Blurt” July 25). I was very surprised to see my photo of the band High Tide with no credit given. This is very disappointing. As a photographer, I take pride in my work, and as proud as I am that my photo was used in a San Diego publication as widely distributed as the Reader, I’m saddened that my name is not cited as the photographer.
Mavi Richmond
Mavi Richmond Photography
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Editor responds: Due to a misunderstanding, we failed to give credit to Mavi Richmond. We regret the error.

No Gunism
I enjoyed very much your article on unloaded open carry in California (“They Carry Guns,” Cover Story, July 16). It’s very refreshing to see gun owners portrayed in a neutral/positive manner in a newspaper publication. The majority of gun articles I typically see in the media are a stark reminder that bigotry is not necessarily limited to matters of race, gender, or sexual preference. Thanks for breaking the mold.
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Get Those Redcoats
I recently read Ms. Jurjevics’s article, “They Carry Guns” (Cover Story, July 16), and wanted to praise her and your publication for a rare piece of honest journalism. Many of your compatriots in the media fail to put the amount of research into subjects related to firearms as she has, and it is refreshing to see the right to arms and freedom of press complementing each other instead of competing. If I may make a bold suggestion for a compelling follow-up piece, try sending Ms. Jurjevics to an Appleseed Shoot hosted by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association [www.rwva. org] where she can not only learn to shoot, but to shoot as a marksman as our founding fathers did. Please contact me for more details, and I’d be happy to sponsor her for such an event and if necessary will even provide a loaner rifle.
Brandon Bentrim
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God And George Washington
The Reader is thanked and appreciated for the July 16 article “They Carry Guns” (Cover Story). Every adult should be “packing” — felons already are. Hopefully such armed expressions will rapidly expand, imploring elected and unelected bureaucratic Hitlers to cease violating the constitutional contract or be prepared to pay a heavier price later.

Foremost constitutional authority Sir William Blackstone said the ultimate of all rights “was the right of self-defense.” Paraphrasing George Washington, to keep the peace (and liberty) we (the people) must be prepared to wage war and wage it successfully. “[Firearms] are the People’s Liberty’s Teeth.”

We took our basic law from the Ten Commandments — what does a nonpacifist, nonwimp God say about war and personal weapons? “Every purpose is established by council: and with good advice make war” (Proverbs 20:18). “For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 24:6). “Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight” (Psalms 144:1). “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hand” (Psalms 149:6).

The currant tyrannical administration is fast taking us to a federally policed Marxist state. Patrick Henry said we should be prepared, that tyrants only understand downright brute force. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said that the soil of patriots is fertilized with the blood of tyrants (paraphrasing).

HR 2159 by Congressman King (R-NY), if passed and signed, would empower the U.S. Attorney General to deny gun ownership to “terrorists” and “appropriately suspected” citizens suspicioned to be “dangerous” with no due process or trail. Former Attorney General Janet Reno, under President Clinton, designated such citizens who strongly endorse school prayer, home schooling, Bill of Rights, private property rights and 2nd Amendment advocates as “terrorists.” In other words, by homeland security’s federal definition, generally speaking, you and I are enemies of the state.
Bill Cody

Carry On
I want to thank you for printing the article “They Carry Guns” (Cover Story, July 16). It has inspired me to purchase the domain name, and I will be posting a website soon to continue urging “the People” to use their rights as granted under our Constitution.

I will be using the Reader as one of my contributors of information.
Gerald Reaster
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100 Percent Legal
I am happy to have just read the open carry article (“They Carry Guns,” Cover Story, July 16). It is refreshing and reassuring that a news publication actually prints something that is factual and positive about firearms — not to mention something that is 100 percent legal.

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TrustTheSystemNoMore July 31, 2009 @ 9:53 a.m.

What about all the respected professionals in the law such as Professor Carol Henderson(president of the America Academay of Foresnic Sciences/Part of the NIJ National Insistitue of justice), Attorney Mark Hansen major writer of the ABA and Professor Golding PHD and many well respected others in the field. They all confirm through a methodical, well grounded evidenced and professional calculations that ACFE is nothing but a Con Artist Business with useless pieces of paper for sale whereby Stephen Doyne simply became a consumer to bluff the trusting public with..



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