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Great band name. Great CD title. Great Consequence of Sound report of TNL shut down by the NYPD for rocking so loud it was disrupting the concentration of neighboring CMJ Festival performers (if John Cage weren't dead, I might be concerned). And, no, this isn't the kind of LOUD (dissonance, chaos, "out" experimentation) that put Sonic Youth or Glenn Branca on the map. Nor should it be confused with the gentle acoustics on the Kings of Convenience's Quiet Is the New Loud.

First time I hear the six-song EP, I'm turned off by the electronics. I'm under-impressed by vocals and tones mirroring a lot of ’80s electro-pop (since I didn't like it then either, it's hard to spout names, but I'm thinking Duran Duran, latter-day/more watered-down XTC, and, from later in the day, Radiohead, whose "2+2=5" is covered here). By the second spin I'm hearing a lot of fun and energy. The third listen's the charm: I'm getting a sense of humor not unlike that of Imperial Teen or the B-52s, along with a wellspring of passion and contagious New Order beats. I'm anticipating the upcoming full-length. Like Can't Stop, it will be mixed by local musician/producer Mark Trombino (RFTC, Drive Like Jehu, Jimmy Eat World, blink-182).

  • Album title: Can't Stop Not Knowing (2009)
  • Artist: The New Loud
  • Label: Self-released
  • Songs: (1) Don't Dance (2) 2+2=5 (3) Heaven (4) The Short Way To Get You (5) Every Girl I See (6) Heaven
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thenewloud Dec. 15, 2009 @ 11:15 a.m.

Hey Mary,

Shane from The New Loud here. Thanks for not dismissing our EP after the first listen. We really appreciate that you gave it multiple listens before reaching your conclusions. We are also happy the disc grew on you.

We'll get you a full-length as soon as we have it ready. Probably in February 2010 sometime.

As a side note: The New Loud was slated to play the San Diego Pride Fest in 2008, but regrettably we had to cancel as interim tour dates fell through and, at the time, gas was about $4.6x/gallon - making a 1 off show from WI to CA impossible.

Hopefully we'll be out that way again.


Mary Leary Dec. 16, 2009 @ 12:32 p.m.

Thanks for the info, Shane. The last line of my review (which didn't end up in the final version/here said, "I don't think I need say any more." (meaning, more you + Trombino = !!!!!) But rock on, & I do look forward to the full-length - I'll cover it somewhere, for sure.


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