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I met a national park ranger who had been traveling the States the past two years, national park to national park. I jumped on the opportunity.

“So what is your favorite park so far?”

No sooner had the question escaped my mouth did the ranger belt out, “Glacier National Park.” I knew where my next park adventure would be.

Bordering Canada in northern Montana, this territory was declared protected in 1910. It’s home to 1,000 species of wildlife and plants. Varied landscapes and rugged mountain peaks cover the million-acre terrain.

Like its name implies, glaciers do exist in the park (having beautifully carved the valleys) but are sadly expected to melt by the year 2030.

Things to Do. Hike. A couple of recommended trails: Iceberg Lake Trail for 9.8 miles and the shorter, less challenging but very rewarding Avalanche Lake Trail (do this very early in the morning to avoid crowds).

How to Get There. Fly into Kalispell, Montana’s Glacier Park International Airport. Renting cars, organizing a shuttle, buying a flight and more are detailed at iflyglacier.com.

Where to Stay. You’re staying at one of earth’s generous gifts – go camping! Camping details and further park information are found at glacier.national-park.com.

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1reader Sept. 24, 2009 @ 9:01 a.m.

You are right on about Glacier National Park. It is a fabulous place. When I was there a few years ago, I saw my first black bear lumbering across the road as I photographed it from atop my car. A few hours later - a mother bear and three cubs foraging for berries alonside the road, absolutely amazing. Also river rafting outside of Kalispell is lots of fun too.


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