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Tony Gidlund, bassist, guitarist, and vocalist for math-rock band Fever Sleeves, has written songs with two guitar parts since 2005, around the time when the band started to consider adding a new member. Four years after they began their search for a capable multi-instrumentalist, the band invited Lain Weck, singer-guitarist from local rock group Marasol, to play bass and guitar.

Before Weck’s arrival, the band had to be creative when writing and playing live. While recording their self-released full-length, Soft Pipes, Play On, at Black Box Studios last year, Gidlund was responsible for laying down bass and guitar tracks as well as vocals. And, at live shows, Gidlund would often set aside his bass and pick up his guitar, a move that he says sacrificed some low-end sound.

In early June, the band asked Weck to sit in during a practice.

“Some famous bassists were considered but never quite fit the group,” writes Gidlund in an August 10 email. “Flea wanted to spend more time with his family. Jason Newsted wanted us to relocate. Bootsy Collins was uninterested. Sting was simply too old…

“[Weck] is one of the friendliest people I have ever met, and we liked the cut of his jib. We practiced with him in June and played our first show with him June 26 at X1FM studios.”

Gidlund says Weck’s presence fills out the band’s sound and adds some “density” to their intricate indie songs.

And with Weck able to contribute guitar and bass tracks along with vocals, the band has scaled back on booking gigs and has plans to head back into the studio to record another full-length.

Visit the band’s website at myspace.com/feversleeves to hear tracks from Soft Pipes, Play On.

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partyman Aug. 20, 2009 @ 3:44 p.m.

One of San Diego's most underrated bands, if you haven't seen them yet do it!


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