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“Oh how I would love for the world to know who you really were.” So begins a mother’s letter to a son fatally shot by police three weeks ago. The letter is at the center of a roadside shrine on the corner of Avocado Boulevard and Fuerte Drive. Each day flowers are added, fuller and brighter than the day before.

The incident occurred Friday, March 27. Dressed in fatigue pants and wielding a butcher knife, 32-year-old Jeromiah Paul Davis ran the mile-long stretch from Chase Avenue to the intersection at the top of a steep hill. According to police, they shot him with three beanbag rounds and used a Taser device once, all to no avail. A police report of the incident is available here.

After allegedly raising his knife and charging officers, Davis was fatally shot. Davis was a longtime methamphetamine user, a fact confirmed by his mother in her final letter to him: “I know now even though you were strong as an ox you couldn’t beat the meth drug (MOST EVIL DRUG I KNOW OF).”

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x_acto April 12, 2009 @ 11:33 a.m.

Why comment san diego reader? What is there to say. Sorry for your loss Mrs. Davis.


Oceannia420 May 12, 2009 @ 12:29 a.m.

A 32 yr old man running through "MY" neighborhood banishing a big knife and NOT responding to the police when they are speaking to him. 3 bean bags and a taser gun``` later. Sounds like he got what was coming to him. A (If you seek Kay~ing TWEAKER! Why did they let him out of jail in the first place?? Why didn't his Mom/Dad, family members, do what they "had" to do to get help for him? People who DON'T step up when "stepping UP" is needed ~~ these are the consequences!!!

We put a good friend, who turned into a tweaker on a Grey`hound BUS ~~ back to N. Calif and his parents house. He has NOT done tweak since. He was living in my bushes for Cripes sake,,, really !!! The kid (25) had lost everything due to meth. I'm just glad he didn't lose his life.. We stepped UP, and DID what we had to do!!

out ``````


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