Culturally Incompetent

I’m writing in regards to Ernie Grimm’s “My Gender Is Bunny” (Cover Story, March 26). I found it incredibly disrespectful that throughout the article, its subject, Micha Cárdenas, was referred to with masculine pronouns while she specifically asked for the use of feminine pronouns. I find this to show a lack of cultural competency as well as a general disrespect to the queer community, specifically transgendered people. If the subject of your article had asked to be referred to as Latino instead of Hispanic, it would have been a huge sign of disrespect to not honor such a request. It is not up to the author’s discretion to determine at what point of transitioning one becomes the other gender. I believe Ms. Cárdenas’s personal culture was not honored and is owed an apology for the disrespect shown by Ernie Grimm.

Morgan Muldrew
via email

Please Call Her Ms.

I just finished reading the article by Ernie Grimm entitled “My Gender Is Bunny” (Cover Story, March 26). I noticed that the author deliberately chose to disregard the feelings of the subject of the article and use masculine pronouns, when feminine pronouns were requested. This kind of distrust of transsexual and transgender people regarding their own authority over their gender and the appropriate pronoun for themselves is both poor journalism and incredibly offensive. Ernie Grimm should immediately publish an apology to Ms. Cárdenas and, if possible, modify the original article so that it reflects the correct feminine pronouns.

Name Withheld
via email

Free Is Best

This is for Eve Kelly, for this week’s “Best Buys,” March 26, all about computer classes, about older people wanting to learn how to use the computer. She mentioned a whole bunch of classes and how expensive they were and how good these people were.

The best classes without paying any money are with the San Diego senior adult school. I went to the one down at Midway Drive, and it was excellent! What you should do is list all the different locations of all these schools so that people would know where to go to sign up. They are free and they are very good, and they are really full of people in their 60s and 70s — a few people in their 40s, 30s, and stuff. And all the classes are free — I think maybe a couple of them they might charge a little bit for. I went there for several semesters; the teachers are excellent. The only thing is, you really have to get there early for the daytime classes.

I wish you would’ve just published [the locations]. You want to go to the ones where you don’t have to pay for parking. Midway Drive is the best one that I’ve found, most convenient, but there is also one on Aero Drive. I’ve taken several of those classes.

Name Withheld by Request
University City


The person in the photo accompanying last week’s “Tin Fork” was Jeff, an employee at Baja Betty’s, which Ed Bedford reviews in this week’s column.

Sweet 16

Re: “Back When: Thirty Years Ago” (March 19). I’m a San Diego native, and part of my weekly Reader ritual is the “Back When” column. I found the 30-year-old personal ad even more amusing when I realized it was written by me! I was 16 at the time, and Reader Personals were that era’s version of today’s Facebook/MySpace. Thanks for the memories!

Ginger Rosser
via email

Sue The Bums

What is wrong with these neighbors (“Hallelujah! Hey, Keep It Down!” City Lights, March 19)? Why don’t they sue these rowdy noisemakers? The City will never help them, but they have several nuisance causes of action under California Civil Code sections 3479 through 3481. They should contact a lawyer and file a lawsuit in San Diego County Superior Court. Precedent has allowed up to $500/day in damages for a noise nuisance — and this decision was published in the 1990s. Plus, the court may order defendants to pay prevailing plaintiffs’ attorney fees under Code of Civil Procedure section 1021.5. Google what happened to unreasonably loud local businesses Juke Joint Cafe and IB Rockin’ Bar when they didn’t respect their neighbors or California’s nuisance laws.

Al Rava
via email

Rise Up And Tell ’Em

Re: “Pie in the Sky” (City Lights, March 19)

The problem with the city/county pensions is well documented. There has been no political will, however, to tackle the issue. The position of all government employees is that they are entitled to no less than the benefits as of their hire date, regardless of changes in the stock market, world recessions, comparable jobs in the private sector, etc. Despite the enormous problems with the City of SD’s pension underfunding, the City has not even changed the pensions offered to new employees, and only the guarantee on the DROP program has been reduced — the program itself rolls along. The only way to change things is for the citizens to rise up (like Prop 13) and tell the politicians enough is enough and put a stop to unaffordable pensions that are not deserved and not required to keep our public employees in their jobs.

Just try posting a few of these jobs and see the lines of eager applicants line the streets. Democracies fall apart when the elected discover how easy it is to line their pockets with the money from the populace.

Gene Polley
via email

Friends Of The Meadows

Re Jerry Schad’s “Roam-O-Rama” about Sylvan Meadows (March 19).

Jerry’s articles are always gems; however, he neglected to mention that this 8000-acre open-space preserve was saved from development by a coalition led by the Nature Conservancy and including wildlife agencies and the County of Riverside. There is a $2 day-use fee, money which helps maintain this beautiful example of old California.

Brian Swanson

Words For The Wordless

Just finished having coffee and reading your “Diary of a Diva” column. The Reader is something I periodically treat myself with when I’m in San Diego and can grab a copy, though I must say I haven’t always appreciated Barbarella. When I first started reading, I was put off by the title of her column and her name, which all seemed so pretentious to me. Over the years, though, her candidness, humanness, amazing ability to express emotions I have felt, but lacked either the power or will to express, have won out. In her most recent article, “Pensive Phase” (March 19), she says she’s run out of words and is compelled to revisit nature to re-energize. Luckily for me, in the end, she found some words to express what I was feeling in that moment. I can only express my gratitude.

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mh91945 Dec. 12, 2009 @ 9:42 a.m.

"Certainly you won’t run into a T. Boone Pickens, Jeff Skilling, or Bill Gates on MTS or NCTD. However, try to remember that your fellow riders share one big trait with you — we’re all human beings! If you do not wish to talk to anybody, just ask them to let you be, but do it politely."

I disagree with this attitude. Many times I have attended Microsoft meetings at the San Diego Convention Center when Bill Gates was still active in Microsoft. He used the trolley many times. I've seen him myself. I hope that Bill Gates supports because he has houses at Rancho Santa Fe.


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