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  • Artist:Plane Without a Pilot
  • Song: “What I Would Do” (from the CD It’s about Time)
  • Heard By: Tony Diprima, Mission Bay

The first thing I heard was a “pang” cymbal, which bummed me out. It’s one of those cymbals that has the edges folded up. They were popular in the late ’80s. Everything else was pretty good. I liked the Descendents 20 years ago, and if [Plane Without a Pilot] came out when the Descendents did, they would have been on top of shit. They’re probably listening to somebody who listened to the Descendents…like Good Charlotte — isn’t that one of those bands? What’s the other band? My Secret Funeral? I don’t even know if that’s a band. But, yeah, they sound like those bands. It’s not bad. They’ve got good melodies and shit. There are teenagers out there waiting to listen to that and get bummed out.

  • Artist: Podunk Nowhere
  • Song: “If I’m Drinkin’ ” (from the CD Based on a True Story)
  • Heard By: Chris Bieck, Golden Hill

I thought it was all right. It lacked a little bit of the soul and scratchiness that I like in the country music that I listen to, but it had a really beautiful intro. Lyrically, it could have been a little bit better. What I got from it was leaving all the stresses of life behind and drinking some whiskey and not worrying. They had a female singer and some really crispy acoustic guitar. I thought I heard a little lap steel in there, but I could be wrong. I could see that on a country radio station. They were very good musicians. The guitar intro was especially well played. I picture some sort of outdoor festival when I hear that song.

  • Artist: Mannyfesto & Stel
  • Song: “Cali Roll” (from the CD Fe Means Faith)
  • Heard By: Chris Rossi, Golden Hill

I thought it was pretty good for what it was. It sounds like a lot of other underground rappers that I’ve heard. The beat was all right, but it gets a little boring. It’s the same thing the whole time. It was better than a lot of other beats that are out now, though. The first rapper had a style similar to Aesop Rock, and the second guy had much better rhymes and I couldn’t really compare him to anybody. They made a lot of San Diego references, which is cool, and they talked about smoking pot, which is cool, I guess. I think they could have an underground following, but I don’t think they’ll be on MTV. I would probably have to light up a joint and sit back and relax in sunny San Diego to that song.

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