In addition to encircling our county with roadblocks and being a hindrance to traffic, the Border Patrol has caused numerous accidents and injuries by their reckless chases through our streets, and they are also trigger-happy, as any Google search will turn up numerous hits on the Border Patrol shooting wildly at fleeing vehicles as well as shooting unarmed people in the back.

In one of these many shooting cases, justice was served, however, in an incident in which two Texas Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, together shot 15 times at a fleeing marijuana suspect, Osvaldo Dávila, wounding Dávila in the buttocks. The Border Patrol agents then abandoned their wounded victim, hid the shell casings, and failed to file a report on the shooting. In this rare case of justice, the Border Patrol agents are presently serving 11 and 12 years in prison (where they presumably now have to watch out for their own backsides).

In summary, the Border Patrol has gotten wildly out of control in post-9/11 America and needs to be reined in, as it has become a clear and present danger not just to immigrants but to U.S. citizens as well.

Vincent Peppard
via email

No More Free Stuff

Re “Illegal Ways to Avoid the Border Wait” (Cover Story, October 9). This article was yet another interesting read about the illegal alien problem. Thank you for letting others know what I have known for years. The poor people of Mexico are going through extremes to get out of their country, and this article tells why. It stated that the Mexican government is rich, but they provide no social services for their people. No wonder the lure of the United States is so great. That’s what the open-border idiots don’t seem to get. It’s the Mexican government that is enslaving their own people and making them come here for free medical care, education, etc., and we as Americans have allowed that to continue. If we stopped paying for all that free stuff, then maybe there would be an incentive for the Mexican people to rise up and make their voices heard against their corrupt government. As the article states, it should be the Mexican dream, not the American one. Yet you won’t hear either presidential candidate talk about anything involving illegal immigration and why it’s happening.

via email

North? South?

I just have a question concerning your cover story in the October 9 Reader (“Illegal Ways to Avoid the Border Wait”). Very interesting story — I just finished it. But your cover picture, there’s no caption, and I looked inside the Reader and there’s no reference to it, no explanation. I’m guessing this is from the Mexican side looking northward into America. Is that correct, or is it from the American side looking southward into Mexico? I haven’t been to Mexico in 66 years, and the border crossing didn’t look like that back then.

Name Withheld

The cars shown in the cover photo are waiting to enter the United States. — Editor

Twits In Paradise

Tsk, tsk. Sounds like my recent letter to the Reader (“We’re Cornball Rednecks,” October 2) hit a raw spot, considering the angry and irrational responses. Yes, the truth is often hard to take, but it is what it is. If you had the courage of your convictions, I’m surprised that neither respondent had the courage to give their full names. As for the poor sap that recently moved from sophisticated Washington, D.C., to this backwater, you have not been here long enough to give a qualified opinion; write again in about two years and I guarantee you will have changed your tune. That is, if you’re still here, which I doubt. As for the mayhem you describe in your hometown as an excuse for leaving (you f——— wimp), this goes on every day in San Diego. If you don’t believe me, take a stroll through Southeast San Diego one night, preferably around midnight. As for your description of L.A. as a s—hole, I can assure you that that great city has more culture in one block than in the whole of San Diego.

As for the second respondent, if you could spell, I might take your rants seriously. Two letters, one profane, one illiterate; I think both you “gentlemen” are going to fit right in here in sunny San Diego, two twits in denial.

Rico Gardiner
Mission Hills

Letters to the editor are edited; comments from the Reader website are not. — Editor

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heather_m Oct. 15, 2008 @ 2:43 p.m.

I am somewhat late in my response, but I see that Mr. Gardiner has beat me to the punch. Amazing how the two people that responded to his letter felt that they could not do so without name-calling, condescension, and spite. It's a wonder why people like Mr. Gardiner (and myself) can't seem to have a good time in San Diego! What with all of the open, intellectual minds and all. Here's how it is: People have a right to their opinions. That being said, Benjamin H. and Goatskull are welcome to their happy, sunny views of the city where we all live. On the flip side, not everyone enjoys beer, burritos, "tons and tons" of outdoor activities and perpetually temperate weather. Crazy, I know! Can you believe that people actually enjoy different things than other people? For the record, my boyfriend and I moved down here two years ago (from the Bay Area) because this is where he got accepted to grad school. So I guess you could say that we did, in fact, have to move here. It is ridiculous to suggest that we can "always [just] leave". I have met plenty of people around here who are waiting for the day when they can move back home, just as we are. For now, we try and make the best of it. I don't begrudge the happy people their happiness. Glad you like it here! Good for you! And when people say they don't enjoy the Bay Area, do I take it personally? No! It's just different strokes for different folks. Yes, the sunsets down here are nice. No, the scads of image-obsessed bubbleheads are not. There are pros and cons of any living environment, and you could definitely do worse than San Diego. But does that mean that we have to throw on a thong and fake smile, down a brewski and head down to the beach to engage in the endless singles' meat market, and just suck it up? No. Some of us simply don't enjoy living here. There is not much more to it than that. Being from Montana, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that San Diego doesn't even know what a redneck is, but that's a different debate. As for Benjamin H. and Goatskull, it might help you grow as people if you tried to see the world through someone else's eyes. Open your minds a little. We're all human, after all, so what's the big deal? Why are you so defensive?

Hm, I guess I'm not suffering in silence anymore! What a relief. Now, can't we all just get along?


Goatskull Oct. 24, 2008 @ 11:56 a.m.

OK Ms. Heather_m, Here is my response to you. I will start off by saying that I respect what you had to say more than Mr. Gardiner. At least you just simply implied that SD is not your cup of tea and you did say you try to make the best of it while you’re here. I agree that people DO have a right to their opinion and as such they also have a right to express their opinion about some one if they don’t like that person’s opinion. Mr. Gardiner came off as a snobbish little twit. Yes I am name calling him. You said “On the flip side, not everyone enjoys beer, burritos, "tons and tons" of outdoor activities and perpetually temperate weather.” Very true, but he seems to think of himself as culturally superior to those of us who do like those things. It’s one thing to not like it here (or anywhere) but quite another to write a letter to a local paper implying how much the town sucks and how much better you are for thinking so. He did come off that way. Mr. Gardiner I guess seems to like the arts. Yeah our cultural scene leaves much to be desired, but has he checked out areas like Hillcrest (where I live), North Park, South Park, Kensington, Golden Hill, University Heights? Does he know about events like Ray At Night, Thursday Night Thing (TNT), and many more? If so what did he think? We do have little pockets of it here and there. I have to wonder too. What kinds of things does he like to do that SD seems to lack?

You said: “No, the scads of image-obsessed bubbleheads are not. There are pros and cons of any living environment, and you could definitely do worse than San Diego. But does that mean that we have to throw on a thong and fake smile, down a brewski and head down to the beach to engage in the endless singles' meat market, and just suck it up?” I’ll admit that people like that are annoying and quite honestly do not relate to them in any way shape for form, but that doesn’t make up everybody who hangs out at the beach. As a matter of fact, people like that are often the butt ends of jokes by that majority of people who live in and love San Diego. If nothing else they are just sort of a comical part of the atmosphere. BTW, I’ve seen no shortage of people who fit that description at Chrissy Field during the summer, so the Bay Area (which I love as a matter of fact) has its share also. The bay area is quite the beer drinking sports bar kind of town. Maybe even more so than here. People up there love their Niners and there Giants. It’s quite the microbrew town too (which is a good thing).

Anyway the most two most laughable things he said was “the rest of us will suffer in silence” and the part about his relatives from Hawaii considering this a redneck town, something even you acknowledged was silly. If part of why he hates it here is because he puts of with mock and ridicule from people like oh well.


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