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Recent excerpts of Ocean Beach bar reviews posted at  Yelp.com:

Catalina Lounge: "It's a guaranteed pickup bar, if you're just looking for a slump- buster." (Starlight M.)

"If you wear a collared shirt, you will look like a douchenugget." (Casey D.)

"There is a very real possibility of a bar fight happening over a shuffleboard game here, but I have only seen a close-call." (George B.)

"I feel like a degenerate when I go here, and I love it." (Michael M.)

Pacific Shores: "No dipshit meatheads or any jarheads trying to grind on your girl." (Hal R.)

"Black light illuminates the fluorescent paint in the kitschy art displayed on the walls…and reminds us to wear clean threads before our evening  begins." (Augusta S.)

"If you  can't get laid at this bar, then maybe getting laid just isn't your thing." (Stephen L.)

Gallagher's: "Overpriced beers, an attempt to cash in on the whiteboy reggae bro-manticism of being near Winston's, and just a vague air of douchebaggery and  sausagetude." (Ali S.)

"Not as packed as Sunshine [Saloon], and some interesting drinks. Try the Agwa shots." (Alycia H.)

Sunshine Saloon: "This place is the anchor of the booze cruise that is Ocean Beach." (Jeff C.)

"On weekends, it turns into a full-fledged brodeo." (Brian M.)

"I always feel like the cleanest person in there, and I'm not that straight laced." (Denise L.)

Winstons: "I love this place when I want to feel dirty, confined, and sweaty." (Hal R.)

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