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Back in 2006, Escondido City Council members Ed Gallo and Sam Abed teamed up in support of a controversial housing ordinance aimed at preventing landlords from renting to undocumented immigrants. During that debate, Abed and Gallo both made headlines. Abed said he believed that nearly half of the residents of Escondido were illegal immigrants, a number far higher than what experts believe them to be. At the council meeting on the issue, Gallo was quoted as saying, “Make no mistake, folks. We’re being invaded.”

During the past two years while they’ve served on the council, the two have sat side by side and agreed with one another on most issues.

This year, at the September 10th Escondido City Council meeting, Gallo and Abed once again joined political forces to push for an adoption of a citywide parking ordinance. The ordinance, according to Gallo and Abed, addressed the issue of multiple families living in single-family residences and crowding the streets with cars.

The community did not favor the proposal. Escondido residents thought it was another attempt by the twosome to rid Escondido of illegal immigrants. For nearly two hours, they lined up to dissuade the council from proceeding with the parking ordinance. Even the independent parking consultant hired by the City disagreed with Gallo and Abed over the need for such an ordinance.

Yet, despite opposition from the community and the independent consultant’s findings, Gallo and Abed continued to support the unpopular ordinance.

In the following weeks, Gallo used what he referred to as the “deterioration” of Escondido as his main platform in his campaign for reelection. His website stated his chief concern as being the “image and appearance” of Escondido.

On November 4th, Gallo was defeated by 32-year-old coffee-shop owner Olga Diaz. According to San Diego County Registrar of Voters, Diaz defeated Gallo by nearly 2000 votes. Councilmember Abed, however, was reelected.

For more information on Escondido City Council’s new image and appearance, go to ci.escondido.ca.us.

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daveb0072004 Nov. 12, 2008 @ 9:23 a.m.

Cities across America are under attack by the illegal immigrant invassion. The only way to stop it is to fine businesses who employee or house illegal immigrants the first time they are caught. Next to confiscate the business on the second violation. We also need to stop the free education and medical benefits to the illgal immigrant. Last but not least is not allow children born of illegal immigrants American citizenship.

America will be stronger economically for it. And illegals will realize that their is no benefit to coming here illegally.



Sharon Nov. 12, 2008 @ 4:55 p.m.

Comment #1 is a perfect example of the invasion of ignorance in Escondido.

For some crazy reason, some people in Escondido think that Escondido is the only city in SD County (probably the entire country) that has an illegal immigration problem.

For some crazy reason, these people find it necessary to exaggerate the consequences of illegal immigrants - such as the comments about free education. Obviously, the majority of Escondido's residents do not feel that is a huge problem being that the voters just approved Proposition T - the high school district bond measure.

And for some crazy reason, some people feel that the blogs/comment sections on local stories is the most useful forum in which to attack the 14th Amendment of our nation's Constitution.

ANYHOO...I (& many of my friends) are absolutely ECSTATIC that the "Duo" has been "Disbanded". Abed will have to find a new "buddy".

The TROIKA of Waldron, Abed and Gallo is NO MORE!! Hallelujah!

In two years, my friends & I will be looking to remove Waldron from her seat!

Great story! Glad to know that SD Reader is keeping an eye on Escondido! Thank You!!

signed, an actual resident of Escondido who knows we have not "been invaded"


jerrylen Nov. 12, 2008 @ 7:13 p.m.

I'm 74 & live in a Resident-Owned Mobilehome Park in Escondido. In August, our clubhouse was broken into 3 times in less than two wks. The police came every time, when called the day-after. It took over a month to get a police report & then it was FALSE, in my opinion. Further, WE, the residents, uncovered the name of an individual who was bragging he broke in & stole $100. He did this by kicking in/prying open 4 wooden, locked doors. I personally chased him & an accomplice out of the park. I gave the police his plate no., first name, phone number, all of which WE PARK RESIDENTS obtained. We gave ALL this info to the police. A detective called & said he wasn't even going to investigate. I plan to address the city council on this issue the l9th. There's more to this if ANYONE is interested. My name is Jerry Lenhard, Villa Madeira Property Owners Assoc., 955 Howard Ave, Sp 92. Phone: 760-745-3734. I'm currently on the Bd of Directors & have been an activist since l988. I was active in getting Olga Diaz elected this yr & Gallo ousted.


januaryM Nov. 13, 2008 @ 11:55 a.m.

GOODBYE GALLO.....it was so fun tossing you out like a bad bottle of gallo....:::snickers:::

Waldron & the Mayor are next!


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