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Artist: Archways

Song: “Jinx” (from the CD Lest We Forget)

Heard By: Dan Watman, Stockton

I liked it a lot. The guitar riff was catchy and original. I liked the style of music — it was a little bit like “ska.” I would compare them to Dave Matthews a little bit but more “ska.” It had a pop feel but a little bit of an indie feel, too. It didn’t seem like it was a song where any particular musician had to really “show their stuff” as far as being excellent musicians, but they seemed pretty clean, in general. In the lyrics, it seemed like he convinced himself he could forget something like maybe an ex, and throughout the whole song he was, like, “I don’t have to think about it — I don’t have to analyze it.” But at the end, he says, “What if it’s too late?” It showed that he really was still thinking about it.

Artist: Mike Pinto

Song: “Surf Tune” (from his self-titled CD)

Heard By: Thomas Crow, Mission Valley

It was very clean, down-to-life music. I like that stuff because reggae is what I listen to on the weekends or chillin’ after school. It’s very soothing, and it reminds me of a lot of reggae bands — classics like Bob Marley — but they have their own take on it. I’d definitely go to their show. I’m more into the drum parts because I’m a drummer. I was listening to the beats and I was, like, “Oh, that sounds awesome.” [The musicians] all had their own moments. I liked how the vocals changed it up a little bit. It kind of has a mainstream feel to it. I could definitely see that playing on the radio. Maybe satellite radio for right now, but someday on big radio.

Artist: Don Lee

Song: “Seasons” (from the CD In the Dark)

Heard By: Greg Harward, Hillcrest

It had a little bit of a Dwight Yoakam feel to it. He seemed pretty good. The sound quality wasn’t that great. I imagine it would be a better song if it was recorded a little bit better. It almost came across mono rather than stereo. I’d put it in the country or Southern [genre]. It had a honky-tonk feel, too. You could definitely hear the bass and the guitar. He seemed to be fairly talented. It wasn’t a really complicated piece, but it was well done. It seemed a little dark in that he kept referencing summer being short and winter being long — the good times being short and the bad times stretching out a bit longer. It would be a good song for drinking…having a whiskey or a beer.

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