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An anonymous letter sent to a handful of city departments and the state bureau of Alcohol Beverage Control has put a stop to Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club concerts organized by Cathryn Beeks. She alleges the letters were sent by a member of the club.

“Someone has been complaining about some internal stuff, basically unhappy that the club has turned into more of a bar than a member club, so he sent a letter to the city and complained about some stuff,” Beeks says. “The night of my show [February 22], ABC undercover showed up. I think, basically, the bar was cited for not charging nonmembers more for drinks.”

Officers arrived after performances by the Blonde Brothers and Mother Grundy and shut the show down before Sam Bybee, Justice Fingers, and the Boston-based Grass Gypsys had a chance to play. Beeks says there was an audience of more than 150 people.

“[The club is] supposed to charge guests a little bit more for drinks,” Beeks says. “That was the infraction, from what I understand. But [the club] couldn’t produce a cabaret license, and that’s why the music was shut down. I’ve got shows booked there throughout the year. The Boat & Ski Club is trying to work with the city to get the music back.”

The club retained an attorney to help the club meet city requirements, which might include getting an entertainment permit (formerly known as a cabaret license).

SDPD Sgt. Howard Labore with the vice department, which issues entertainment permits, says the permits are issued on a case-by-case basis and no new licenses are being considered in the beach area at this time.

The unsigned letter, which was sent to Councilwoman Donna Frye, Mayor Jerry Sanders, and Gary Jones at the city’s Real Estate Assets Department (which controls the club’s lease), characterized the shows as wild, out-of-control parties.

“This club is not a nice place to be around,” the letter states. “The frequent barroom brawls with property damage and obscenity yelling has forced many decent members to quit.”

Nobody at the ABC would comment on this matter.

– Larry Harmon

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Lorrayne March 31, 2008 @ 12:55 p.m.

Comment? You bet. You "report" that a nameless alleged victim sent an anonymous complaint as a result of his disagreement with his Membership Club of choice and their business decisions. In order to further illustrate your "reporting of the facts" you made a conscious decision on how you would portray ONE of the people in the story with a deliberate choice of photo. Your "blurt" leaves me only to conclude you find her guilty. Of what, we don't know. The club was cited, not Ms. Beeks. The club sold alcohol, not Ms. Beeks. The club could not produce a license, not Ms. Beeks. It's an all too familiar solution. You found the wmd, you must attack. Your own paper, as well as many other local media outlets, has had the distinct pleasure of reporting on this outwardly, as well as internally, BEAUTIFUL woman's continuing hard work for your community. There are people doing good work for others. There are people up to no good. Who are you? Thank you in advance for your improved reporting style, Lorrayne, a dedicated music fan.


myrnakai April 1, 2008 @ 11:52 a.m.

It is very disheartening to read an article that has so many holes in it when it comes to the facts. Just like the media to "blow up" something that in reality came down to what was simply an infraction regarding the Boat and Ski Club. I am disappointed in the "mystery" person who made such negative claims. Stating the Boat and Ski Club's ambiance is synonymous with a mosh pit, (wild and out of control/brawls), is like saying eating twinkies makes you homicidal. On the contrary, I have been to the Boat and Ski Club an infinite number of times when it was open to the public. Consistently I saw young and old people listening to music by local musicians, some with plate in hand enjoying a nice steak dinner. The facility does serve alcohol, but never did I witness any kind of violence, only jovial interactions, as well as dancing....... Personally, I feel the real issue behind this complaint is that the club is changing a bit, and yes, change can be scary. Oh, by the way, that photo of Cathryn had been altered to also appear scary. I think we get the REAL picture if you know what I mean........


MarciaClaire April 4, 2008 @ 4:21 p.m.

Shocked over the quote from the anonymous letter-writer does not even begin to cover how I feel. I've been in attendance of at least thirty (30) shows at the Boat & Ski Club and have yet to witness any fighting near or in a bathroom. I've never been witness to any property destruction, nor have I heard of any damage second-hand. I've brought my children to many-a-show at the Boat & Ski Club, as do many show attendees. We'd never think of bringing our children into a place with bathroom and/or bar-fighting.

It's always sad to me when people seem to feel the need to exaggerate facts (or fabricate "facts") to make their point.

As a performer there at the Boat & Ski Club, I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the members. I know that Cathryn Beeks has gone out of her way to keep the shows family-friendly, gearing the music to young and old alike.

Bravo to Ms. Beeks for a job well done.

Shame-Shame on the sour grape!


sailorguy April 9, 2008 @ 9:27 a.m.

THANK YOU READER for an excellent article! It's about time this so called boat club is exposed for what it its. Bottom line here is the fact that this club is blatantly BREAKING THE LAW! If Ms. Beeks had any business sense, she would be more careful. The drunks running this club think they can do anything they want & it's about time someone blew the whistle. Being a good friend to a member of this club, I have been listening to the horror stories for the last 14 years of the goings on & all FACTS in this letter are very accurate. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


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