Melvin Shapiro


Universal Disgrace

You are an absolute disgrace to journalism the world over! How stupid of you to give attention to irresponsible, violent gangs by plastering their names on the front of the Reader (“To Live and Die in Oceanside,” Cover Story, February 21).

Why did you give them undeserved attention? That is just what those lowlifes seek. By giving them this spotlighted attention, you and Bouvier are just as irresponsible as the gangs whose names you printed.

If I/we subscribed to the Reader, our subscription would be permanently canceled by us!

Also, the tattooed picture of a gang member is revolting. What status you have given to this person! Perhaps the “status” he has procured through his picture on the cover of your paper will help him turn his life around to a positive way. That won’t be your fault because that is probably not what you had in mind.

Carlos, Maria, and Trent

Now, Say You’re Sorry

I find it wonderful that the good Lord is working to change the lives of so many of the miscreants featured in your story (“To Live and Die in Oceanside,” Cover Story, February 21). I’m a bit disheartened, though, that even after their being saved, these same cowards fail to give any hint of remorse for their crimes or compassion for their victims in their dialogue. I guess they’ve learned from their newfound savior, who could have intervened before their murders and rapes and shown compassion to the victim, that Christian compassion is reserved only for the criminal. Crime victims and their families are left to take solace in knowing that the forgiveness granted these animals comes from a spiritual partner in crime.

S. Walsh

San Diego

Past The Pier

We are livid after reading Geoff Bouvier’s article “To Live and Die in Oceanside” (Cover Story, February 21). What an unfair depiction of the people and the neighborhoods here. Your article really directly states that once one leaves the pier/harbor areas, the area descends into a hovel, a slum. And that cover is (putting it mildly) in the worst of taste. We moved here ten years ago from the East Coast into a lovely home. The neighbors all take pride in their homes; it is safe; there is no crime. Again, we are deeply offended. This is absolutely the worst, irresponsible article that I have read. What an injustice to the people of Oceanside! Is this sensationalism in journalism?

Patricia and Bob Tilli


From The Law’s Side

Regarding the negative response letters about the Oceanside story (“To Live and Die in Oceanside,” Cover Story, February 21), I don’t feel that the article was meant in any way to disrespect the city of Oceanside. Two people in my immediate family are in law enforcement in Oceanside and have been for at least ten years. I think that this story was informative and well researched. Sorry if you don’t feel your city was well represented. My law-enforcement siblings make a point every day to better this city. Dogs are involved, guns are involved, pride is involved. You try being law enforcement in Oceanside.

Krista Bruce

La Mesa

List Complete?

“To Live and Die in Oceanside” (Cover Story, February 21) was an interesting and sad, but not new, commentary on gangs. We know these gangs are in many, many cities. What was your purpose in doing a feature article on them? These heartless, misfit, sad souls need attention as well as a need for belonging. So they steal, attack, murder, and are murdered, often to get attention. And you, in your infinite wisdom and stupidity, add to their need for attention by actually placing their gang names on the front cover of the Reader. I can’t believe you did this! Boy, I sure hope you didn’t leave out the name of any gangs there in Oceanside. Did you get all of them on the cover? I sure hope so, because any left out might feel they need to do “something” to achieve such notoriety. Perhaps you should have put them in ABC order. The list could show “partiality,” and who knows what that reaction could bring.

In short, placing the gang names on the cover of the Reader shows irresponsibility and poor, disturbing thinking on your part. I was shocked and disgusted that you made such a decision!

Name Withheld

Visited Lately?

I’m calling about the article dated February 21, “To Live and Die in Oceanside” (Cover Story). In the article, it talks about the streets in the back of Camp Pendleton. I happen to live on one of the back streets of Camp Pendleton, and there are positive neighborhoods more than negative neighborhoods in this area. So it really was a killer to read in headlines “to live and die in Oceanside.” And you know, the North County Times, our newspaper, was just building our area up, and then we get slam-dunk with the Reader. So I think someone needs to come out and look at the area that they’re talking about and put a positive side to this article, if possible.



Good Stuff!

Time to cover some good news and not concentrate on negative journalism (“To Live and Die in Oceanside,” Cover Story, February 21). Why not start with the newest weekly tradition bringing some positive influences to downtown Oceanside. The Sunset Market is a great start! Every Thursday night, downtown Oceanside transforms itself, with four city blocks closed for this entertainment venue. We feature fresh foods from around the world, artisans and crafters, certified farmers, and a whole lotta fun! It is time to check out the good we are inviting to our community! What you focus on grows — go to the positive!!!

Lisa Hamel

Sunset Market Manager

Obnoxious Population

Don Bauder’s excellent February 14 article, “Dust Bowl Coming?” (“City Lights”), quotes solid authorities and conditions regarding Southern California’s drought. No politician or conservation measures will alter its severity, as outlined in Max Evans’s November 15, 2007 letter, “God-Haters Miss the Point,” whereby the problem is not climatic or geophysical but rather spiritual, for God owns and controls the weather (Psalm 147).

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