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Name: Mark

Lives in: Ocean Beach

Surfing: Ocean Beach

Age: 50

After-Surf Food: Bean and cheese burrito

Favorite Surf Spot: Mexico

“I started surfing when I heard the message from the Beach Boys when I was in fourth grade,” says Mark. “I decided then that I was going to surf. I was in Michigan and I moved to California when I was 27.”

Mark also uses a stand-up paddle board.

“The first time I ever saw it was at a Coalition Club contest in Malibu; I saw Laird Hamilton doing it in pretty big surf. I was very impressed and excited. I injured my shoulder and couldn’t get surgery. I decided to get into the stand-up style myself. It’s more using your core muscles to use a paddle while you stand on the board. You use your waist and lower back; it works with my shoulder. It’s like standing up without having feet on the end of your legs,” he laughs.

He paddles on a 9’8” board.

“You have an advantage with a paddle. Other surfers get frustrated that you’re catching more waves, even in small surf. You hear comments every now and then.”

Mark does feel that there is an overall positive surfing community in San Diego.

“It takes a community to raise children; there is a lot of love and spirit here.” He advises beginners to “Just be courteous. Take some surf lessons, pay attention, stay away from other surfers when you’re learning. You can fall down a lot.”

Why does he surf?

“The older you get, it’s not only a thrill, but it relieves stress and helps keep you in shape. It’s also a family thing; my daughter is a competitive surfer with her college team.”

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electric_fish March 5, 2008 @ 6:34 p.m.

READER: GET OUT OF OB, MB AND PB, SAN DIEGO IS A BIG PLACE! Please reserve for those who surf too!


FriendofBee March 9, 2008 @ 9:34 p.m.

maybe those are the only places friendly enough to give interviews. ever think of that? people can get pretty snobby on some beaches, quit giving them a hard time. maybe surfers should be more receptive to interviews.


electric_fish March 12, 2008 @ 7:09 p.m.

SAN DIEGO IS A BIG PLACE. So you are saying that people who surf 15th street in N.County won't talk? Or the stairs at Garbage? Or Scripps? Lame. GET OUT OF THE CITY! EXPLORE. Or is it that the person who writes this doesn't even surf? Could be.


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