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Where Was Mom?

I just had a comment about that article about Jadean, the girl that got killed in the car accident (“There’s Been an Accident,” Cover Story, June 5). It really pisses me off about parents these days who don’t accept responsibility for their own actions. Yeah, that kid who’s 26 had no business screwing around with 15-, 16-year-old girls. He’s pretty sick. But the mother, if she was a little bit more involved in her daughter’s life, actively, as she was once she was killed, maybe she would have never been with that 26-year-old boy to begin with. But instead, no, she was drunk at some other woman’s house instead of being with her kid and getting into her kid’s business, like taking the journal and reading it. Should have been more involved. You know, the truth generally lies somewhere in the middle between both extremes.


No Punched Ticket

Re “A Cool Elective You Can’t Get Out Of,” “City Lights,” June 5.

The driver for many of the anti-military, anti-JROTC people is that they didn’t get their ticket punched in the U.S. military!

Gerald Dobbs
San Diego

Just Like The Rape Of The Northwest

Responding to the May 29 Reader article on the Sunrise Powerlink proposal (“Will These Keep the Lights On?”): I’ll never forget the destruction of the natural world that I witnessed as a Forest Service employee during the timber-harvesting era in the Pacific Northwest.

Retired now, in the San Diego backcountry, I oppose the Powerlink proposal, one reason being that clear-cutting will be difficult to avoid where oak woodland obstructs the route. Then road building: there will be maintenance roads, and not a few.

David Hogan’s comment in the article, “Sunrise would require the cutting of probably thousands of mature oak trees,” is no exaggeration.

At the PUC hearing in Borrego Springs on May 12, Powerlink supporters wore green, showing a lack of education concerning what will be involved in building a power line of this size. They are misguided, unaware of the extent of the damage implied by such a proposal.

Wreaking such havoc would negate any benefits derived from future renewable sites in the desert.

Standing below one of the backcountry slopes slated for a possible corridor, I remembered the Northwest and recalled the sadness, a sadness which many of us experienced; a sadness these “green” people at Monday’s hearing know nothing about, and neither does the governor, whose background is acting, not that of someone who worked where entire forests had been removed from the face of the earth — myself.

Greg Courson
Wynola Springs

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