By the way, where’s the wine column lately? Is he on vacation? He’s still doing the religious column, right? Where’s the wine column?

You’ve been getting a lot of letters lately. I know you picked up a lot of flak on the Navy surrogate-wife story. But I applaud you. I don’t read the Union-Tribune. This is the only way I find out anything. Sometimes it makes me very disheartened and sad, but I basically don’t trust anybody else.

Normal Heights

The column on Deborah Scott was not a repeat.
“Crush” is currently a monthly feature. — Editor

Pension Debt Heroes

Re Don Bauder’s column, “How Pension Debt Ballooned” (“City Lights,” May 22), about Roger Lowenstein’s book, While America Aged. “Creative financing,” the bane of balanced budgets. Mayor Susan Golding asked the city manager how she could finance both the Republican National Convention in San Diego and Alex Spanos’s effort to expand the Charger Stadium so as to seat 60,000. City Manager Jack McGrory listened to his boss and found a way to rob San Diego employee pension funds to do it.

Thank Diann Shipione, a pension board member who spoke out, her husband Pat Shea, straight-shooting lawyer Mike Aguirre, and, most importantly, Donna Frye, the only member of the city council who spoke out against creative financing.

Local control of our neighborhoods, communities — is this gone?

Thanks for the Reader, Matt Potter, Don Bauder, Susan Luzzaro.

Dick Jones

The Glare Of Errors

Two glaring errors in Ken Leighton’s recent article (“Blurt,” May 22).

Brandon Cruz returned to Dr. Know after his Dead Kennedys stint and is still performing with them. The reference to him as the “ex-singer for Dr. Know” is incorrect.

The statement that “Since parting ways with Biafra, the band has been fronted by two people” is also wrong. Jeff Penalty was the vocalist between Cruz and Greer. With five years as vocalist, he has more time with the Kennedys than either Cruz (two years) or Greer (a month or two).

This is all common knowledge, but, failing that, it’s all in the Wikipedia article. What kind of writer doesn’t look at the Wikipedia on his subject? I can understand a rationale for skepticism, or for looking after you write, rather than before, but to not even error-check against it?

Maybe you should have someone covering punk who actually knows the genre (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

Roger Krueger
via email

RahRah Roam!

I want to say thank you for the weekly “Roam-O-Rama” hiking guides! We just moved back to San Diego, and the guides show us places we never knew about. We’re using the most strenuous ones to prepare for our planned summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro next year — then on to other summits. Again, thanks (the write-ups provide nice descriptions of scenic markers, and critical turns too).

Name Withheld by Request
via email

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Jay Allen Sanford June 4, 2008 @ 9:04 p.m.

The Famous Former Neighbors list just happened to be people I've already covered in that comic strip. I still have a list of well over a hundred others I plan to get to, now including - thanks to above tip - Anita Loos. You can see a number of the Famous Neighbor comics by hitting the link on the mainpage "Weekly Features" key, or clicking "Stories" on the toolbar atop every page and choosing "Oddities" from the dropdown menu.


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