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Lestat’s is in Normal Heights (“Overheard in San Diego,” January 24). The sign is right there! C’mon, man! I’m sure a million people already emailed to tell you this. Still enjoy the strip.

Name Withheld

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Not Real Crazy

I’m not real crazy about your new online format plus I can’t find the “Blurt” column anywhere.

What happened?


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Click on “Music” in the navigation bar at the top of the home page to find “Blurt” in the pull-down menu. — Editor

Tabloid Fodder

Re: “The Principal’s Principles” (“City Lights,” January 24).

After reading the captioned hit piece, the real question is what happened to the principles of “City Lights” and writer Joe Deegan? This article is about nothing more than gossip and a breakup quarrel between two gay men.

What appears to be going on is a custody battle. Elevating it to some kind of scandal involving the City of San Diego Schools and Mark Twain High School is pure Britney-chasing tabloid journalism.

You owe an apology to Michael Rood. We do not pay our teachers and principals adequate salaries, and they are forced to take second jobs to make ends meet. I seriously doubt that a principal would jeopardize his career to sell ads on school time. And the principals do get breaks during the day, lunch hours, etc.

Calling Uptown Publications’ Gay and Lesbian Times pornographic is absurd on its face.

I expect better from “City Lights,” Joe Deegan, and the Reader. You should be ashamed of printing this article.

Christian F. Winkle

Pacific Beach

The Reader did not call the Gay and Lesbian Times pornographic; one source characterized the paper as pornographic because of the nature of its ads. —Editor

Out To Get Him?

Read between the lines, Mr. Editor, your paper should be ashamed (“The Principal’s Principles,” “City Lights,” January 24). This article is spurred on by someone who is trying to ruin Mike Rood (perhaps the people from the Gay and Lesbian Times who called the school district — for what reason did this paper report him to the school district???). Also, I have a suspicion that the teacher with all the “teacher” comments is the one who did not leave Twain on a good note and made a point of telling all of us he/she would find a way to mess him over. This teacher was any child’s or parent’s nightmare — rude, crude, and bitter. Also, this person chose to leave our school.

And what is the article about — the shocking truth that a principal can have a side job? And did he really hold this job and was he really fired — did your reporter verify these facts? And if he did/was, what would one consider “school time” for a guy who works at the school until 8:00 each night and most Saturdays and the occasional Sunday?

The author of this article is writing on hearsay; then he tells how shocked the parents/students are — over what??? I can guarantee that your writer did not interview any parents or students. You have no idea what kind of man this principal is. He is a man of great character. He is hardworking and supports our entire staff and the students. He is so well liked and has an entire school, the parents, and the community standing firm behind him. So your paper is trying to take down a person’s career for what? Did you owe someone a favor and are paying it back by trying to ruin this man? Why else would you publish this outlandish article where you do not name any of your sources?

If Mr. Rood is so terrible for affiliating with the Gay and Lesbian Times, I assume that your paper takes the stance that everyone working with this paper is immoral or corrupt. And why was the lady at Bambu Bistro “horrified” when she found out he was a principal??? Who put those words in her mouth? Why would she be horrified that an educator was also working as a sales rep for a gay newspaper being that he, too, is gay? Am I not allowed to work elsewhere because I am a teacher? Can I not email someone during a lunch break from my school email? If I work 14 hours a day at an 8-hour-a-day job can I not take a minute to deal with my personal affairs?

This is a witch hunt. It is not fair that it was printed. Your paper should be ashamed of itself. You defied the code of ethics that journalists must hold true. You wrote a story for the purpose of trying to ruin a professional in our community. You did not do your homework, and your sources are nonexistent.

May the woman at the Bambu Bistro never walk into a school and see all of us hardworking individuals working a tough job with these great students you call “troubled kids.” Miss Melchior would be “horrified” as it is obvious that she has issues with education and school principals. Perhaps she should place a sign on her restaurant stating that educators are not welcome because she would be horrified to see us in her restaurant, and God forbid one of us was trying to sell her something! This article is a disgrace to our school community, and you owe all of us an apology.

P.S. And yes, I am writing this to you from my school email. I will work overtime (ha ha, as if we teachers don’t work a 12-hour day already) to make up for the ten minutes I took to respond to your trashy article.

Diane Proctor

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Hooray For Twain!

On Thursday, January 24, I picked up an issue of the Reader and was shocked to see my school’s principal in the paper (“City Lights”). The article was called “The Principal’s Principles.” I am a student at Mark Twain High School, and I felt appalled by what was said about Mike Rood. I am also hurt by what was said about the students: “It is bad enough that the students at this school are troubled.…” This school is not made up of “screwups” and pregnant teens. Mike Rood gives us a second chance. I am not pregnant; I do not have a child, nor am I a member of a gang. I am just simply a student having trouble with grades.

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Jay Allen Sanford Jan. 30, 2008 @ 1:08 p.m.

Heh heh, you may be technically correct about Lestat's locale. However, to my mind, anything within a couple minutes walking-distance from the Ken Cinema ("In the heart of downtown Kensington") is still Kensington --


strawman Jan. 30, 2008 @ 8:02 p.m.

Yes, any place 2 minutes from the Ken Cinema is in Kensington, which ends at Hwy. 15. Lestat's is a mile and a quarter west of the Ken -more like a 10 minute walk. Normal Heights to be exact -a barrio every bit as unique as Kensington and far better known for its book stores, antique stores and 2 music festivals a year.


gtool Oct. 11, 2008 @ 4:51 p.m.

I've noticed for awhile now, some photos in the Reader are in color. In TGIF and Crasher. Nice.

And speaking of Crasher, I saw the Letter to the Editor, about the writer being like a Hemmingway that smoked pot every day. I always thought of him more as an F. Scott Fitzgerald drinking gin every day!

But seriously, I enjoy the Crasher column. And I don't feel he acts too cool for school, as this letter writer implied. He's often self-depricating, and much like Johnny Carson, he could be funny but not steal the show. Carson just made the guests look better and funnier, as I feel the Crasher does with many parties.

Keep it up. I enjoy it.


Gregory Dunsett


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