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Now that it’s been announced that Padres owner John Moores is splitting up with wife Becky and she is presumed to be in line under California law for half her husband’s substantial net worth, a little foundation she established last year seems worth watching. Called the Moores Foundation for New Americans, the group’s cause is the “education of Sudanese refugees,” on which was spent a total of $75,597, according to a document filed with the IRS in May. As of last year, the only two donors to the fund were Becky, who gave $100,000, and her daughter Jennifer, once married to Jason McLeod, a Padre minor-league coach; she kicked in $50,000. Speaking of John Moores, on January 24 he gave $15,000 to Proposition 93, the ill-fated effort by incumbent state legislators to extend their terms. It was backed by state Democratic senator pro tem Don Perata, one of Moores’s favorite political beneficiaries.

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Anonymous Feb. 14, 2008 @ 1:50 p.m.

Becky, we are all eagerly awaiting the juicy details...

If you could find the time to shed some light on what John boy was up to during the Peregrine fraud, that would be a service to many small investors who lost their life's savings to his deception and fraud.

If you could also find the time to shed some light on John's, ahem, "relationships" with various San Diego politicians, that would be a service to the many citizens who are losing vital city services due to his bribery, deception and fraud.

At the very least, you should threaten him with telling the public the truth, and then he'll meekly give you half his ill-gotten gains. I bet you've got some stories to tell...(and yowsah!!, you still look HOT, Becky, no matter what John or his new girlfriend have to say behind your back).

Have a nice divorce, and Happy Valentine's Day to both of you..!!

(yet another sdblogger)


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