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Jostling in the race for San Diego city attorney is becoming more pronounced as the major candidates lining up against incumbent Mike Aguirre seek to gain advantage. Likely to play a role in the campaign are documents from the 1986 divorce case of one prospective contender, superior court judge and ex-Poway mayor Jan Goldsmith, whose wife Christine accused him of turning “a minor disagreement into a major altercation.” According to a signed statement by Christine dated April 15, 1986, Goldsmith “began yelling and screaming at me in obviously uncontrolled anger. He then gave me a hard shove in the chest and cocked his fist in an extremely threatening manner. All of this appeared in front of the children causing them to be extremely upset and telling their father not to hit their mother. He then began throwing items off the kitchen counter in his continuing rage. I could not leave at that time without further aggravating the situation and exposing myself to potentially further harm.” The next day, she said, she slept at her sister’s house with the children. “I am afraid to go back to the house the Respondent is still there as I feel his anger may once again get the best of him and he may, in fact, cause physical danger to myself and irreparable harm to both myself and our minor children.” The couple later reconciled and Christine dropped the divorce action against her husband, but the story may resonate during the upcoming campaign; part of the city attorney’s responsibilities include running the Domestic Violence and Special Victims Unit. Both Goldsmiths are judges; she was appointed in 1987, he in 1998. In a statement issued by his campaign consultant this week, Goldsmith and his wife noted that they have been married 33 years and said, “At about the 12-year mark — in 1986 — we had our only serious marital problem and were faced with whether to work it out or terminate the marriage. We decided to work it out. We went through several months of counseling and made lasting adjustments in the way we communicate.” He added, “No relationship is without its defining moment. We are by no means ashamed of the way we responded to our defining moment 21 years ago. In fact, we are proud of the way we responded and how our relationship has grown and continues to grow in our 34th year of marriage.”

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Anonymous Feb. 8, 2008 @ 2:46 p.m.

Nice photo with the story. Is the shadow posing with his bicep? Geeez 21 years ago...guess you never had an disagreable moment with spouse or significant other. I hope to read some balanced reporting on Mr. Aguirre's personal civil courtroom filings...


Anonymous Feb. 9, 2008 @ 11:07 a.m.

Matt, we all admire your reporting. Few are fans of Goldsmith. But this is just the kind of crap that turns otherwise great candidates away from ever trying to change the system.

Mike A. has a separation behind him too, and so do many other people in this world. Divorce lawyers advise their clients to exaggerate all their claims as a routine negotiating tactic in proceedings. We all know this.

So this isn't fair against any candidate.

What would be a more compelling story, perhaps, is the timing of Goldsmith's wife's appointment to the bench. Seems like a dog housed spouse wouldn't be above nudging his legislative colleagues to give her a bit of consideration...just wondering if that didn't help patch things up between them.

I'm not saying it happened, but put two and two together and sometimes it does add up to four.

Keep up your good work, but don't be so superficial, Matt.

Thanks again for your work over the years,

(yet another sdblogger)


Anonymous Feb. 14, 2008 @ 2:02 p.m.

Matt, it's me again,

Ah, maybe I should retract my previous comment.

Now that John Moores is divorcing Becky, I say take the gloves off. Unlike Aguirre, Moores is a known felon sitting on a fortune of ill got gains. And he's no candidate for public office, but a public figure who has had key roles in the running of this State and City, including the UC Board.

John Moores' role in the corruption of San Diego and California politics cannot be underestimated. The Spanos clan showed him how to rig the game, and then clever John took the ball and ran with it, all the while bilking investors out of millions with Peregrine.

I would very much like to see the details of her complaints as they become available to you, and would find them just as revealing as continued digging into Goldsmith and his connection with, well let's call them "convenient", judicial appointments.

(Isn't this a great time to be involved in political reporting?)


(yet another sdblogger)


Fred Williams April 20, 2008 @ 7:16 a.m.

Voice of San Diego has referenced this story:


Of course, VOSD's Seth Hettena has also claimed that the Reader has little to offer:


It's very interesting to read VOSD's sponsors list:


The "convenient" judicial appointments for Goldsmith's associates ought to be investigated further...but it won't be done by VOSD, which clearly needs the Reader to lead the way to real stories.


historymatters May 8, 2008 @ 4:28 p.m.

Go MikeY! Aguirre for the people! I see the full-time Aguirre smear bloggers have found this site. Undoubtedly schills of Sanders and Bob Kittle. Man, I am seeing a trend here in the wife abusing area--sounds alot like the accusations by Sanders ex-wife as well. And dont forget Goldsmiths issues w/ his biasedness in Indian Gaming. The scandal has only just begun to surface on this slimeball.


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