Get at me!!!! I demand an apology and expect to speak to the person ASAP.

I just got out of jail and don’t appreciate this at all!

P.S. You ever been to jail? Its f***** nuts!!!!!

David Gordo Ortuno
Embalmers Voice/Lead Guitarist/Songwriter
And Lifelong San Diego Local and Devoted Reader Fan!

The Reader apologizes to Gordo and wishes him a Merry Christmas. — Editor

Charges Should Be Brought

Thank you for publishing the story of Francisco Castaneda and his harrowing treatment at the hands of the Department of Homeland Security’s ICE division (“Go Directly to Jail…and Die,” Cover Story, December 11). By all written accounts, Mr. Castaneda was a quiet, polite individual who was subjected to unbelievably inhumane, insensitive, and criminal neglect by officials in charge of his detention. All those who sought to deny him adequate health care, and those who deliberately delayed and prevented that care, should be charged with second-degree murder — depraved indifference to human life.

Warren Cooper
via email

Writing In Circles

I have to comment on Frank’s letter from last week (December 11). I had just assumed this section was for politics or corrections in stories.

For a person (male especially) to say he looks forward to Barb’s column and claiming to read it twice is bizarre. To say she doesn’t brag or is condescending also strikes me as odd, since I feel she does both.

I enjoy the “Crasher” column most, but I would never get excited by a Reader’s early arrival. In fact, I’ve been on vacations, missed a few weeks of “Crasher,” and it was all good. Not sure what the letter writer means about Board’s “limits” or “bad grammar.” I don’t see bad grammar in the column. If I did, I would assume that’s an editor’s fault besides. I also don’t see “Crasher” ever listed in “Typo Patrol.” I would say that Barbarella can write circles around Mr. Board. But ya know what? Her column is boring, and it’s always about the same thing (her sisters, her dad, David, crying for no reason). I’m not sure why anyone would be interested in the same thing all the time. Unless it’s her shrink.

John Brizzolara can write circles around both of them. He just never talks about what to do on Friday, and it can be dull. His column is often just him meandering around his apartment or lamenting the latest with his son. Not interested.

Give me Duncan hating everything and Board not “boring” me. I’d much rather have the black dot and black guy at a party he played basketball with.

J. Ferry
Mira Mesa

Refreshingly Scary

In this article the author keeps using the term “vacancy rate” for one project (“It’s Getting Ugly Downtown,” Cover Story, December 4). Actually, the correct terms for condos are “pre-sales” or “unsold units.” The interesting part of the article was the possibly knowledgeable buyer, second-year law student Jordon Harlan. While his candor was refreshing, his analysis was scary. Attributing the entirety of his payments for the next 36 months to the required price increase to justify staying in the unit completely ignores the rental value. Is he going to live in his car in the USD parking lot after foreclosure? Then he goes on to whine about his huge investment. He has none; he borrowed more than the unit cost, using the extra to paint, buy furniture, and a little buffer. Other than his reputation, seems like a negative investment to me. Was the bank stupid for making such a loan? You bet. Harlan, I own my house free and clear, so who do I go to to recover my lost value? So, Harlan, man up, move your free furniture to your rental, and suffer the foreclosure.

John Gonnerman
via email

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