No More Sobs

My wife just brought home the Reader, and I’m looking at your cover story “Go Directly to Jail…and Die” (December 11). I’ve read the first paragraph of the darn thing, and I see it’s an illegal alien juvenile delinquent that went to jail, and that’s as far as I’ve read. And I don’t give a s*** if he died in jail. He’s an illegal alien, should have been deported, and I don’t want any more sob stories about illegal aliens. I’ve heard enough sob stories about illegal aliens. And with the damn Obama in the White House we’re probably going to have them crammed down our throat. The worthless Bush did nothing to get them out of here. The damned Obama’s not going to do anything, and that old clown McCain wouldn’t have done anything either if he’d been elected. I’m sick to death of illegal aliens. They’re all over the place here. I don’t want any more sob stories about them. Thank you very much. Good-bye. And if he died in jail, f*** him. I don’t give a s***.

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That Darn State

This is about your Reader, December 11, “Go Directly to Jail…and Die” (Cover Story). I really don’t like the way you or the San Diego Union-Tribune make the illegal immigrants look like they’re victims. You know, they’re up here and they’re on our welfare system — because we are a welfare state — and they and their kids and their wives are on damn welfare here. That’s why the darn state is in the problem that it’s in now is because we’re a welfare state and we’re providing welfare for all Mexicans, legal and illegal. I mean, even the legal ones get on welfare. They got it down. They get their girlfriends pregnant, and then they stay in the background and then get on welfare for one kid, for two kids, for three kids. “Who’s the dad?” “I don’t know.” Hey, you know. I just don’t like the way you make the illegal immigrants look like victims. They’re the problems, you know? And the welfare system supporting Mexicans, legal or illegal, is the problem.

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View From The Inside

I am sorry to say that I once worked at Corrections Corporation of America in Otay Mesa (“Go Directly to Jail… and Die,” Cover Story, December 11). It was time someone exposed these inhumanities. What this article has stated is fact! One hundred percent accurate. I understand inmates and detainees have broken the law, but in that facility only 10 percent of those housed there are level III inmates; the majority are illegal aliens. These inmates have been violated to such extreme that I believe this facility should be closed and their ICE and USM contract revoked.

Corrections Corporation of America is just there for the money. Qualified officers and staff at that facility are lacking. Half if not more of the detention officers could not pass a psychological evaluation. They are not even required to have a CORE certification by the State of California; all they are required to have is a California Guard Card. A monkey can get that. How can you be a first responder to an emergency if you do not have adequate training? There go our tax dollars.

As to the Castaneda family, my deepest apologies. His death was not necessary nor warranted, at least here in the United States.

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The “Canyon Trails Traffic Jam” (“City Lights,” December 11) piece would have the reader thinking that Del Mar Mesa is a recreational-user mecca, with the inevitable multiple-use conflicts that arise in such locales. But the Del Mar Mesa habitat preserve is so much more than a recreation destination. The Del Mar Mesa Preserve consists of sensitive lands that have been set aside for protection as mitigation (“to make up for”) resource damage in other nearby areas such as the Mira Mesa Marketplace development, which destroyed a large vernal pool habitat in violation of federal law, and the SR-56 project. Protected lands on Del Mar Mesa are managed by the City of San Diego, State of California, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The overriding mandate for the protection of these lands is the MSCP, or Multiple Species Conservation Program, to which all the above-listed parties subscribe, in addition to other stakeholders, including the development industry and environmental and recreational-user constituencies. It is absolutely critical to the success of the MSCP, and to future growth in our region, that these highly sensitive MSCP lands be protected. Once damaged or destroyed, whether it be by one or a hundred willful or unwitting actions on the part of preserve users, these sensitive resources will not bounce back.

We support the recent administrative actions by the resource agencies to safeguard the Del Mar Mesa Preserve through a temporary administrative closure to recreational uses, at least until the publication and adoption of the Resource Management Plan, which is currently under development and scheduled for review by the advisory committee in March 2009.

Geoffrey D. Smith
Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve Citizens Advisory Committee

R.I.P. Ticketmaster

Finally some smart concert promoter has seen the light by dumping Ticketmaster and their excessive “convenience” fees (“Blurt,” December 11). I refuse to pay Ticketmaster fees. Recently Pala Casino hosted a special $12 concert by talk-show host Glenn Beck. Ticketmaster wanted a $10 fee for each $12 ticket. I instead drove to the casino box office, bought several $12 tickets, had a nice buffet lunch, and dropped what would have gone into Ticketmaster’s greedy pockets into a one-dollar slot instead and came out ahead of the game. Sorry, Ticketmaster, you lose!

Ken Harrison

A Dose Of Science

In response to “The Present Craziness” letter by Pat Palmer (December 4), I think a good dose of factual scientific information would be appropriate.

Pat said, “When we eat, we accept and integrate that information via our messenger RNA into our own DNA and are so modified. Genetic engineering tricks our cells into accepting new, unnatural information as if it were the familiar natural information.”

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Josh Board Dec. 17, 2008 @ 4:42 p.m.

In response to two letters: Charly, the smashing potatoes sounded great. I wish I could've seen it.

In regards to the police/cyclists...maybe the officer handled the situation that way. Or maybe an angry cyclist said he did. Who knows. But, if this letter writer wants to talk about what a police officers job is, let me add my two cents.

I think if the police see cyclists doing these rides, they should immediately arrest every one that runs a stop sign. Every one that is blocking traffic. Issue hardcore citations, as the riders doing this are engaged in a number of illegal things. Hey, you can even trump up the charges by calling it "intent to incite a riot," because I can easily see how this can become a riot, when people in cars, that did nothing wrong, can't go when the light is green, or whatever.

It's a shame your thumb gotten bitten off. But ya know what? The cyclists should think more about other people, and how determental this crap is. I know some cyclists that say they hate this practice, and they also hate that other motorists will now be angry at ANY bicyclist they see.


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