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Technically, it’s pretty good, but production-wise, it needs some work. It was trying to be melodic, but it sounds very computerized...very digital. I can tell…because I’m kind of a musician…that it was almost all done with computer sounds. There are some sounds in there that I didn’t particularly like and the levels we’re a little off, but melodically, it was very cool. It could have been two songs, also, I think. About six minutes into the song he brought in some vocals but more of someone speaking in the background. It’s something like Orbital. It could be like Dust Brothers or something in that realm. I would consider it “light wave” if I were to give it a name for the category.
Artist: Matt Archer
Song: “Visionsubdivisions” (from the CD The Paranoiac Critical)
Heard By: Peter Papineau, Sherman Heights

It was bright, innovative, original music and performed by a very excellent musician who plays the piano beautifully. It was a beautiful song. I play the piano myself and I would love to try to play it. I would listen to a concert or whole album by this guy. It’s not a romantic piece, like Chopin or Rachmaninoff or anything like that, but it’s contemporary; it’s new. It makes you feel good after you listen to it. I would listen to it on a radio station. I’d buy it from the iTunes store…I think it really is a commercial product. I run everyday and I walk everyday and I do yoga and meditate. I could listen to it in a meditation hour.
Artist: Neil MacPherson
Song: “Mountain Weekend” (from the CD Solace)
Heard By: Samuel McBride, Normal Heights

The first version of that song is very jazzy and lounge-style and I wasn’t really into it, but the second version kind of got down with it a little more. It had more of a beat going to it, which I dig. The lyrics were exactly the same in the second version but a lot more crazy and high pitched. It gave it more of an “indie” flair. The lyrics were about his uncertainty about life and just kind of going with it. The lyrics were good, I guess…a good expression. In the first version his vocals were more forced. The second one his vocals almost took on this fun, disco flair. It was almost danceable. I definitely imagine sitting down in a lounge drinking a cocktail to that song.
Artist: Sir RJ
Song: “Grip of Fate” (from the CD Grip of Fate)
Heard By: Ryan McCannon, Ocean Beach

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neilmacpherson April 18, 2008 @ 12:43 p.m.

Thanks for the review Samuel! Glad you enjoyed it!

-Neil MacPherson www.myspace.com/neilatthepiano


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