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Richard Aguirre says he is serious about running for the 2010 gubernatorial seat. His new band is scheduled to play Humphrey's Backstage at his campaign kickoff on December 21.

The singer/guitarist has disbanded the Karl Marx Band after seven years.

"I think the reason for our mediocre success was the name," says Aguirre. "I think it was a thorn in the side of people who didn't understand." His new six-man band, Future Governor, is also a jam band.

Aguirre says his run has nothing to do with the fact that his uncle, city attorney Mike Aguirre, is one of San Diego's best-known politicos.

"I see him maybe once every six months."

Aguirre says his campaign (aguirreforgovernor.com) will be based on his "California Prosperity Plan," which calls for the State of California to take control of utility companies.

"This is not socialistic; it's capitalistic at its best," says Aguirre. "We've been putting all our faith in corporations, and they've screwed us at every corner. The power companies stole our land from us in the first place."

Aguirre, who sees himself as "a cross between John F. Kennedy and Bruce Springsteen," says his public profile as a working-class person who surfs, fronts his own band, and has graduated from UC Berkeley will stimulate interest. "My friend says I'm a media explosion waiting to happen."

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