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RTX, an Orange County grindcore/speed-metal band, had a little trouble after they played Scolari's Office November 23.

"We had just gotten off a tour," says RTX bassist Kurt Midness, "and our agent told us about this place called Scolari's Office, that they didn't have a proper stage and they only paid, like, $75 or $100. But we weren't complaining." After their show, "They refused to pay us."

A Scolari's employee says it is true that RTX did not get paid.

"At one point [lead singer Jennifer Herrema] slammed her fist on the bar," says the employee. "She started sitting on the drum kit and mumbling incoherently. She started slamming her fist on the video game. She jumped on the bar at one point and looked like she was going to attack [a female bartender]."

The employee says Herrema's alleged bad behavior forfeited RTX's payment guarantee.

Bassist Midness says that Herrema "...leaned over the bar and knocked over someone's drink" but that there was no assault. "[Scolari's manager] Donny never gave us a reason why he didn't pay us."

Herrema called the police. When they arrived, they told RTX they couldn't help them to get paid because it was a civil matter, says Midness. Then things got ugly, according to Alia Jyawook, who was there with her friend Chris Bloss.

"One of the girls from the band that just played just wanted to get paid, and they didn't pay her," says Jyawook. "There were, like, 40 people outside. The cops were telling the band that they just needed to leave and that the girl should just sober up. Chris was just standing there right next to the cops and the cops told him to step back and he did.

"Chris was talking to another male member of the band, and he told him he could park there until 3 a.m. because that's what the sign said. The cop turns around and pushes Chris to the ground and tells him, 'Get the fuck out of here.' Chris says, 'You don't have any right to touch me. Don't touch me.' They start pushing him, then punching him, and they knocked him to the ground. A female cop gets on top of him while the male cop is still hitting him. The nightstick comes out, and they start hitting him with that. Chris never fought back at all. He was laying on his arms on the sidewalk. Tons of people saw it. Then they mace him. All he says is, 'Why am I getting arrested?'

"The band saw all this, and as they drive off someone kicks out the window in the van.... Chris was arrested and charged with interfering with police business."

SDPD spokeswoman Monica Muñoz said if there is an ongoing investigation it would be an internal affairs matter.

Jyawook says witnesses can contact her at aliajyawook@yahoo.com.

"We didn't get far when four police cars pulled us over," says Midness. "They told us to get out of the van. Our driver didn't have a drop to drink. They spread us all out and checked our IDs. They arrested Jennifer, who didn't have an ID. They released her the next day with no charges."

Herrema says, "I kicked the window out because I just wanted to get out and help the kid. That Chris guy got involved in the first place because he saw these huge bouncers throw me to the sidewalk."

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