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It's spelled "grimmie" but pronounced "grimy," and when it comes out of TV-show host E-Low, it sounds like, "That shit is GRIIIII-ME!" E-Low is the driving force behind The Grimmie Wreck Show, 30-minute episodes of interviews, videos, quick commercials, shout-outs, and music vignettes that relate to the rap scene.

"We try to keep it grimmie all the way through," E-Low says. "We're not coming at it like we're comedians or we're super hard core. Nah, we're just grimmie. We out here on a grimmie level. Grimmie doesn't mean anything bad. If you see a hot chick -- 'Ooh, baby, you grimmie.' It's all how you say it. If you get jacked by the police -- 'Man, that was grimmie.' Grimmie can mean whatever you express it to be, and that's what The Grimmie Wreck Show is."

E-Low emphasizes that the most important aspect of the show is giving exposure to San Diego rappers because the local hip-hop scene is ignored by all other local media outlets.

"There's two parts of the town. You've got the white part, and you've got the minority part. The white part pays no attention to the minority part. The music scene is crackin' right now. There are rappers selling 5,000, 10,000, or 30,000 units out of this town alone. That's more than most rock groups sell."

So, who's selling in San Diego? According to E-Low, CDs by Lil B-Stone, Sick Beav, Black Mikey, Lunchmeat, 12 Gauge Shotty, and Timz are blowing out of Fam Mart on Euclid Avenue.

"Timz is real hot. He's a Chaldean dude that just came out. That guy has hustle and trying to put it down for the Chaldean race."

The Grimmie Wreck Show airs a new episode every two weeks on KTLA Channel 14 (Fridays at 11:30 p.m.); the program is rebroadcast on Cox Channel 95 (Thursdays and Sundays at 11:30 p.m.).

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