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Local performers have posted the following content on their MySpace sites:

The Death Squad's page header reads, "I Will Slaughter Your Family," and graphics feature photos of Hitler and swastikas. At this writing, tracks such as "Emo Arab Turbins" [sic] and "White Power" have been played over 200 times each. Sample lyric from "White Power": "Supremacy is the best, I carved a swastika on my chest / Show respect because I am white, and since I'm white I am always right."

Andre Garcia's "Racist to All Races" (around 250 plays) includes the following lyrics: "Black people eating all the chicken in the world," "There's more Mexicans in L.A. than in Mexico," and "Asian people, open your fucking eyes, can't drive for shit, get a life."

Artwork accompanying Life Crisis' "Unpeaceful Protest" (over 7200 plays) depicts the White House and George W. Bush's presidential limo being torched. Lyrics include: "The time for peaceful protest has passed, time to bear arms and take this nation back...call your local militia and take your country back."

Death metallers Pentagoat claim to be members of the Church of Satan (one banner reads "Kill for Satan"), and their profile reads in part, "We command the forces of Darkness to bestow their Infernal power upon us!"

Songs uploaded by No Means Yes include "I Killed Her with My Cock" and "Forced Sodomy" (around 400 plays each). A main-page quiz entitled "What Kind of Rapist Are You?" poses the multiple-choice question: "What's the first thing you'd buy before a long night of raping? (A) Two condoms and a police scanner; (B) A pair of aviator sunglasses. I don't want her recognizing me!; (C) Ten feet of good, strong rope. Four for holding her down, six for hanging her afterward; (D) Pepe Lopez Tequila and a pack of USA Golds."

Tim Raldo of the Filthy Fuks (the only performer to respond to an e-mail query) says, "I get people telling me to change our name every other week, but fuck them, that's why I got into rock and roll in the first place. I live to piss people off and push the boundaries of what is obscene and what's acceptable."

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