All I'm asking of guys is to think about what they are about to say before they blurt out an inappropriate comment. I want guys to think about what scale they are judging girls on; they shouldn't evaluate girls' appearances based on girls that are paid to lose weight, look good, and are usually airbrushed to look better. -- Bryanna Schwartz, Westview H.S.

All these preconceptions and cynicism that each sex has about the opposite sex amuse me. Every man says female drivers are awful, but every woman says male drivers are awful. I can't help but laugh at thoughts such as these because it has become so clear that these notions form when we're teenagers. That said, and speaking generally, teenage boys are foolish. I have a friend, Mike, who serves as a shining example of this characterization. Mike's an intelligent kid, in advanced classes, funny, nice, and a good friend of mine. But, Lord, does he do dumb things. A few weeks ago, he called me over and showed me huge scabs on his lateral pelvic bones; he'd been skateboarding, hit a crack in the sidewalk, and slammed his hips on the sidewalk. "Did a 'Superman' for five feet," he said. "Every time I shower, I scream in agony!"

A week or two later, after we sat down in AP Physics, he started to show me more injuries. I didn't think someone could hurt themself so much and be so proud of it. This time, he showed me scabs on his shoulders, his hip, his chest, his elbow, his knee, and his hand, all from one incident. He said he'd been skateboarding downhill at 30 miles per hour and lost his footing and fell down the hill. The moral of this story is that boys are foolish for skateboarding.

In between these two incidents, Mike hurt himself while at the house of a friend who had a big trampoline in the backyard. After front-flipping successfully one time from another kid's roof onto the trampoline, he decided to do it again, this time missing the trampoline and busting open his lip after hitting his face on his knee.

Finally, as a cherry on this stupid sundae, Mike, just this last week, showing off and acting silly, backed his old Toyota Corolla into my older Jeep Cherokee (on purpose, mind you!) and busted his taillight on my bumper without so much as leaving a mark on my Jeep. -- Laurel Popplewell, Madison H.S.

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