Members commit to praying a 22-word prayer at least five times a day.
  • Members commit to praying a 22-word prayer at least five times a day.
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"One-third of my generation is dead because of abortion. Forty-five million babies have been murdered," said Edgar Savage Brown III, 25-year-old founder of the local Bound4Life chapter. Bound4Life's website claims they are "a nonviolent revolutionary movement of righteousness that will sweep through America and establish a culture of LIFE." "This grassroots movement is composed of teens and 20-year-olds," said Brown. "At the events, kids in flip-flops and jeans show up to participate. The movement is inspiring a new generation of young people." The goal of the movement is to gather ten million people to covenant to pray, vote for pro-life candidates, and obey God. Members commit to praying a 22-word prayer at least five times a day: "Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America."

"This movement is not a protest but a prayer. Everything we do is birthed out of an intimacy with God," said Brown. "The people who protested by blowing up abortion clinics lost their first love." Bound4Life members protest with red tape over their mouths with the word LIFE written in black ink. This form of protest came from the dream of one of the movement's leaders, Brian Kim. "In the dream, the young man saw there were thousands of young people walking around the Supreme Court with duct tape on their mouths with the word LIFE written on it. This vision was confirmed over and over again," said Edgar Brown. Members of Bound4Life call these silent protests 'sieges.' In the past three months, Bound4Life has sieged the Planned Parenthood in Mission Valley. "This location is the head of the region," said Brown.

John "JJ" Arnzen has participated in several sieges. "It feels like we are on the front lines as soldiers in a war. What we are doing is waging battle for the Lord. God is on our side and so we know we will triumph," said Arnzen. "People drive by and they'll yell, 'Satan rules,' 'There's no god,' or honk and scream. When the tape is over my mouth, I no longer have a voice. I identify with the babies who are aborted who don't have a say." Arnzen said most of his friends are supportive of his involvement with Bound4Life. "I have spoken to a couple of Christians who are pro-choice." Arnzen does not believe a Christian can be pro-choice.

"A lot of Christians say we don't want abortions, but are we willing to take in 16-year-old girls, buy them groceries, and take them to their pregnancy appointments? The church needs to adopt these babies, offer foster care and other resources for these women," said April Moore, who participated in her first siege. "What we are doing is making such a statement of love and a stand for truth. The whole nation needs to stand in account for these abortions."

On the Bound4Life website, an article states, "During [Bush's] past term, and even in the years before Bush announced his candidacy in the 2000 elections, numerous prophetic voices around our nation have spoken of a burning bush from Texas. One word in particular indicated that in his second term this 'burning Bush' would begin to break the power of abortion in America." Brown told me, "We are in a critical time as America is being called by God to wake up and choose. What we decide in the next eight to ten years will shape our future. We are on the brink of wild and amazing things. A battle is being waged for the nation. This is not just a battle over religion but over righteousness. There is a separation in our country in the courtrooms, between the right and left, the righteous and unrighteous, and the just and unjust. I'm not just talking about Republicans and Democrats. I'm talking about the righteous and just.

"I believe we do not just struggle against the flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities. Our Holy Jihad is a mandate to take authority in this spiritual realm. We are called to take dominion, to take back territory. To date, the church has been hiding in caves. If the church doesn't take a stand, it will become a moral social club. We have been and will be irrelevant. The church needs to rise up and take these babies. The reality is that the church doesn't want these babies any more than the culture wants these babies. We want to raise up a culture of life, to go against the culture of death." Brown said he believes there is a new generation of prophetic people rising up. Brown defined prophetic people as people who hear God's word and speak the truth of God.

Brown gave a message for anyone who would consider abortion. "Life does not end when the breath stops, it ends when the heart stops beating. Life is not in the breath, it is in the blood at conception. A life is inside of you that is crying out for a chance to live. There are other options than having an abortion," said Brown. "I've never met an aborted baby that was glad to be aborted. But I've met many, many people who were supposed to be aborted, but every single one of them I have met thanks God that they are alive."

I asked Edgar Brown where babies go after they are aborted. "Thank God I'm not the judge of what happens to them. All I can say is God is a just God," replied Brown.

Denomination: nondenominational

Address: 16919 Sky Valley Drive, Ramona, 619-379-8622

Founded locally: February 2005

Senior pastor: Edgar Savage Brown III

Membership size: 50

Staff size: volunteers

Sunday school enrollment: n/a

Annual budget: no

Weekly giving: inconsistent

Singles program: n/a

Dress: casual, red tape over mouth


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