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didn't buy anything because nothing fit. "Tell me about it!" I lamented. "What's the use of having a best friend if you can't swap clothes?" Stephanie, slender in all ways, suggested it was our tits that precluded us from squeezing into her tiny tops. The women, laughing, walked away, and one called over her shoulder, "I'll be back after I lose some weight!"

Still laughing, Stephanie and I greeted a few more lookie-loos. Digging through the boxes off to the side, one man asked the price of many items but took nothing. We watched as he pondered the meat grinder long enough to make us uncomfortable, then watched as he ran his finger along the rims of the glassware. We were still mesmerized when he left and we stared after him, his back getting smaller as he disappeared up the street.

It's amazing how much you can find out about someone in a few minutes. Perhaps it's because I'm one of those approachable types, strangers feel compelled to offer unsolicited personal information. Maybe they sense how much I want to know, which makes these strangers feel comfortable telling all. It had been a while since I'd demonstrated my skill, so it surprised Steph when once again I revealed my gift.

A cute blonde woman had begun to select clothes. She was talkative, friendly, and excited about her finds. In half an hour, she selected an entire wardrobe for herself from Stephanie's stuff. In the few minutes that Stephanie stepped away to answer someone else's question about the crystal, I learned that our clothes buyer was into BDSM (Bondage/Discipline/Sado- Masochism). I also learned that she was a lesbian looking for a new female "top," or person to dominate her. I love Hillcrest.

"When did she tell you that?" Stephanie whispered when I shared my newfound knowledge. "How did it come up? I only turned around for a minute!"

"Yes, I know," I said. "I'm just that good."

By day's end Stephanie had rid herself of more than I'd amassed in a year. Organizing, setting up, and letting go, she's just that good.

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