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"We put two 18-foot Slip N' Slides together, so it ended up being 36 feet long. Then we poured 25 bottles of rubbing alcohol on it. We lit it on fire, and our friend Pinner slid on it. On the video he looks like baby Superman when he came to Earth and landed in the ditch and left a big trail."

Tommy Caudill describes a moment from his upcoming DVD entitled Decade of Destruction. He nicknames it "Jackass on steroids," likening it to Johnny Knoxville's movie and MTV series.

"Pinner got second- and third-degree burns," said Caudill. "He went into a medically induced coma for 15 days."

The DVD shows the stunt was performed without fire extinguishers, but Caudill says, "He's fine now.... Pinner is a friend of ours."

Caudill was co-owner of a Carlsbad skateboard shop and a clothing company, both called XYZ. He says XYZ has moved beyond retail and now wants to focus on feature movies. The new DVD, available December 1, also shows "friends" getting stapled in the neck and face, a "sushi party" where tropical fish get swallowed live, and a "sleeper ball" segment.

Caudill explains that a sleeper ball is "where someone is sleeping, and they get a fireball on their head."

Tyson Montrucchio, Caudill's partner in XYZ Entertainment, said Decade of Destruction and subsequent XYZ videos will redirect the skateboard culture back to its outlaw roots.

"Twenty years ago skateboarders used to be into punk rock. Punk doesn't have that fuck-off attitude anymore. Parents are out there buying Pennywise CDs for their kids. It drives me up a wall."

Montrucchio assembled the music for the soundtrack. He said now that punk rock is mainstream, skaters need a new sound. "Skaters are out there breaking their necks and busting themselves on half-pipes. But skate videos are now all into hip-hop and emo and indie rock. Metal is the only thing that keeps that skate-or-die aggression alive. We want to bring that '80s aggression back to skating. Metal is the only antiestablishment music that isn't being force-fed to kids by MTV."

Decade of Destruction is fueled by speed and death metal. "We have two cuts by Lamb of God," said Montrucchio. "We used tracks they made before they were signed to Epic." The soundtrack also includes music by Isis (from Los Angeles), 16 (Orange County), Unearth (Boston), and Montrucchio's own band, Downspell. "The guys in Slayer are seen in the video hanging out, but we couldn't afford to use their music. They wanted thousands of dollars. But the guys in the band are friends of ours."

Appearing in Decade of Destruction is Steve-O, a major character in Jackass and in the Wild Boyz series currently running on MTV. "Tommy discovered Steve-O," said Montrucchio.

"We discovered him running around at an [action sports] trade show in Florida in 1997," said Caudill. "We've made three XYZ videos in the last ten years. Steve-O knew us because of our videos." One of the segments in the Decade video shows the destruction of Steve-O's Hollywood apartment complex.

"Steve-O can get away with that. He has a budget for that. We helped him out before, now he's helping us out."

Caudill said XYZ is completely devoted to making movies and for now is out of the clothing trade. He said the XYZ brand made clothing from 1992 through 2001. "Running a clothing business is a nightmare unless you have millions of dollars. In the old days it wasn't that big a deal. Now there is no room for mistakes. It's serious business."

Caudill said the distribution for Decade of Destruction is based on past skate-business connections. "We have friends globalwide."

Decade of Destruction will be available on DVD after December 1 through www.xyzvideousa.com.

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