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Marriages and Divorces — Record of the Past Year

The business of…the marriage license bureau at the courthouse was better the past year than in 1899… 224 against 213 for the preceding twelve months. June marriages were the most popular, 29 being issued in that month…. During the first four months of last year, Cupid’s business was rather quiet, but during the remainder of the year, a good improvement was noted….

In this connection it is interesting to note the number of divorce cases filed…. There were 78, or about one for every three marriage licenses…. In March the number of divorces and marriages were equal.

The number of suits of all kinds filed in the superior court during the year was 313….

  • Saturday, January 5
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  • A Narrow Escape

Santa Rosa, Cal. — Mrs. C.J. Milde, wife of the well known contractor carrying the mail between this place and Christine, Mendocino county, met with a thrilling experience this morning. For the past few weeks, Mrs. Milde has been alternating trips with her husband, owing to the bad condition of the road. Each left the opposite end of the route at the same time, meeting and passing at Yorkville. This morning Milde arrived at the meeting place and, while standing on the porch of a store in which the post office is located, heard a woman scream. Looking in the direction of the sound, he saw his wife had just started to ford Rancherie creek, the bridge being washed away. The stream was greatly swollen. She had discovered when too late that she had made a mistake. The stage started to float down the stream. Calling for help, Milde made a dash for the edge of the stream, less than 100 yards away. A bystander picked up a coil of rope and joined him. He made desperate throw and Mrs. Milde caught it and tied it around her body. Then she threw herself boldly into the raging torrent and was hauled across to safety, though nearly drowned. The stage was carried away and the mail lost. The horses were both drowned.

Men Over 35 Years Old Don’t Need Exercise

Chicago — Dr. Albert H. Hoy, after years of patient research, says exercise is positively unhealthy for men past thirty-five years of age. Dr. Hoy has published a book on “Eating and Drinking” which is praised by the profession. He is a specialist in hygiene.

“I say that exercise for the business man or men past middle age is detrimental. I exclude the young and the laborer…. Suppose a man of business not only uses his brain during business hours, but also puts a strain on his muscles afterward. There is waste then to be carted off…the broken-down brain cells and those of the muscles likewise. Thus the kidneys are forced to do double duty, to eliminate poisons resulting from two sorts of action.

“A business man should get all the exercise he needs from the requirements of his business. A long walk only further calls upon his reserve. Violent golf or tennis only puts a greater strain upon his system…. Business men say, ‘But I need exercise. I do not feel well unless I have it.’ That means generally that they eat too much….”

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  • Decrease of Criminals — Past Year’s Jail Business

The records of the county jail for the last year show that the number of prisoners received there was considerably smaller than in 1899…533 [versus 671 in 1899], a gain of 138 for the side of law and morality during the past year….

Of the 306 city prisoners during the past year, 216 were arrested for drunkenness, and the majority of the remainder for vagrancy or for disturbing the peace…. During the past year only two men were arrested on the charge of murder — Harry Lynnell and R. Tayler. The former was acquitted, and the latter died in the county hospital.

Local Brevities

Effie A. Good took out the first building permit of the new century. She is to have built a cottage at a cost of $1,200 on Twenty-second street, between D and E streets….

Mrs. Sarah J. Cox died at her home in National City on Thursday night, aged 37 years. A husband and seven children survive her.

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  • Hotel Del Coronado — Preparing for the Field Trials

These are the days that North Island is wreathed in a halo of blue smoke, and the odor of burning sage and manzanita brush fills the air, for forty to fifty Indians are busily engaged getting the island ready for the [dog] trials…clearing and burning the brush. The Indians have agreed to give an evening song and game exhibition on the beach near the hotel during the field trials event. The Indians, their squaws, and papooses are all to take part in the evening entertainment….

Ygnacio Was a Witch — Alleged Cause of the Tragedy

It has developed that witchcraft was the cause of the double tragedy near San Felipe last week in which Cervantes Chipole seriously wounded Ygnacio Segundo and then hung himself to an oak tree. That is the story told to Deputy Sheriff Fred Jennings….

Ygnacio boasted among the Indians that he was a witch and could yield much influence over them if he desired to do so, said Mr. Jennings. Many of the superstitious Indians believe that Ygnacio was possessed of supernatural power and were much in fear of him. Cervantes gained his ill will and upon him was pronounced the curse, “You shall wither up and die.” Cervantes scoffed at the witch, but secretly…began to brood upon the matter. As he continued to brood he imagined that his feet were beginning to shrivel, and this caused him further alarm, in fact so much that it is believed his mind became unbalanced.

[T]he day after Christmas…Ygnacio was returning from the San Felipe fiesta and met Cervantes on the road. The latter spoke, but was snubbed by the witch. This incensed Cervantes so much that after travelling a short distance he turned and followed Ygnacio and upon coming within shooting distance let fly one barrel of his shotgun. Ygnacio fell to the ground and Cervantes turned to an Indian boy named Teodoro, who was near, and announced that he must also die. But as he was about to murder the boy, the alleged witch started to get up. Seeing that he had not done his work well, Cervantes…took deliberate aim at [Ygnacio’s] head and discharged the second barrel. The shot went true to its mark and tumbled the witch over again.

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