Content for Wednesday, January 24, 2001

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Why does dust in my eye hurt, but my contacts don't?

Matt: Why does it hurt when I get a speck of dirt in my eye but when I put my contact lenses in, I don't feel much of anything? -- Eyes, San Diego The human ...

Why is it blue for boys, pink for girls?

Dear Mr. Alice: Why is blue the universal color for boys and pink for girls? -- Wondering, San Diego The blue/pink thing isn't universal. But our link to it goes back into our murky, superstitious ...

All the facts about sleep-sneezing, sleep-yawning, and sleep murder.

Hey, Matt: What's the relation between sneezes and yawns, two bodily functions that won't happen in one's sleep? -- Tired, with a Cold I assume you've kept one eye open at night, so you're positive ...

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