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Hello, Matt:

Thanks for taking my call. First-time caller; long-time listener. What's the story on the sculpture of a large, single yellow rose on the western outskirts of Lemon Grove? The sculpture in question is situated about halfway up a large antenna tower located on the south side of highway 94, about a quarter mile west of the College Avenue exit. It's best seen from 94 going east; about eye level from the freeway. Thanks. I'll take my answer off the air.

-- Kevin in Rolando

Thanks for your call, Kevin. We have Grandma Alice with us in the studio today. Welcome, Grandma.

"Thank you, sweetie. I'm glad to be here."

So, Grandma, can you help Kevin with his question?

"Yes, Matthew, I certainly can. First let me say, the yellow rose is attached to a cell phone relay tower. You know, I really don't like those big ugly things. I remember the days when you'd just pick up the phone and some nice operator would answer, and you'd say, 'I want to talk to Marge at the bakery,' and -- "

Yeah, thanks, Grandma. The rose. What about the rose.

"The rose. Well, it's a -- and I think the story is just the sweetest thing, don't you know. There isn't enough sweetness in the world today. Why, when I was coming up, it was just expected that all us girls would visit shut-ins and knit socks for -- "

Yeah, sure, Grandma. The rose, please? We're coming up on a station break.

"Oh, yes. Of course. Ahem. Well, the rose is a family's tribute to the memory of their dear daughter. In 1995 the daughter of one of Lemon Grove's former mayors was killed in a freeway accident near the College off-ramp. At the time, she worked for AirTouch, and the cell site beside 94 was one of their antennas. He got permission to put the rose up there. So the rose is to remember her and to remind the rest of us to stop driving like idiots and causing accidents in which nice young girls are killed. Why, I remember when cars would sail along at 15 miles an hour, and we just thought that was the bee's -- Matthew, honey? What's wrong? Are you crying?"

What, who? Me? Naw, Grandma.

"Here's a Kleenex, sweetie. I've got to go catch up on the laundry, but before I do, I want to put a stop to a rumor that's gone around since the rose went up. It's not a memorial to Princess Diana. It appeared around the time that poor young thing died in that awful accident in Paris. But me, personally, I think anyone who drives in Paris is just asking for trouble anyway. So the rose isn't a tribute to anyone British. It's for someone from Lemon Grove. Bye-bye, dearie. Your favorite for dinner tonight -- meat loaf. Don't be late." Smack!

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