Content for Thursday, October 3, 1996

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Interstate 15 and the prosperity of the ’80s changed Escondido

As more and more people move into your town

This is a tale of two cities, both in north San Diego County. One is a small agricultural town surrounded by orange groves and avocado orchards thriving in fertile soil and abundant California sun. Pickup ...

I wanted to own the weasel until he opened his mouth

Two points like a pair of glass needles, highly specialized for a diet of flesh

Outside my American window, the weasel was winding himself through the bird of paradise and dashing into plastic conduits. We put the conduits there for our own use, but the animals use them as subway tunnels.

Myself and my brothers, part of the Theroux family

He is thought to be cynical. I should publish more books. He publishes too much.

Paul told me that if he had read my novel Darconville’s Cat in high school, he would never have started to write. And in a way, I began to write in order to catch up to him.

Your car’s license number is what border patrol wants

That will tell criminal history, vehicle registration, and driver’s license data

Matt: What information is entered into the computer by the customs officer when I return from TJ? What do they do with this information? — Mike888, the Net No surprise, the main thing is your ...

Skin cells live for three or four weeks

Don't worry about your loofah

Dear Matthew Alice: I don’t understand how loofah sponges work if it takes seven years to completely replace all our body cells. If we scrape them off, how do they come back so soon? — ...

The Stadium Way underpass drummer

The acoustics are pretty good

To: Matmail: I was born and raised in San Diego and have seen many changes. One thing that has remained constant until recently has been the Stadium Way/Friars Road overpass drummer. I remember as a ...