Content for Thursday, March 21, 1996

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Mayor Golding and friends conspire to hide truth on stadium, convention center, library, sewer

The plot to steal the vote

"THIS TOWN IS RUN BY three guys in a phone booth. The only problem is to find out which three guys it is at any given time then find a way to slip them some ...

Daddy longlegs are sign of a clean bathroom

Cellar spiders are very common in Southern California,

For Matthew Alice: I seldom see daddy longlegs, but when I do, they are in the bathtub. Is there an explanation? — Lynne, San Diego As if it were any of our business, Lynne, you ...

When you answer the phone and can't figure out who called whom

A conference call prank

Dear Matthew Alice: A while ago I was at home when, as I strolled by the phone, it rang. I picked it up and said, “Hello?” Almost instantaneously, a female voice at the other end ...

Dog hair sweaters are warmer and lighter than lamb's wool ones

Best are double-coated — huskies, Saint Bernards, sheepdogs, collies, golden retrievers, Samoyeds

Hey, Matt: I own four Bichon Frise dogs, and we get tons of hair when we comb them. It’s real soft and luxurious, and the wife and I have often remarked on how it would ...

Quentin Bell's Bloomsbury Recalled

Virginia Woolf, Lady Ottoline and other comic relatives

I said that unlike many historians of Bloomsbury, Mr. Bell treats Lady Ottoline with great kindness in his account of her. “Ah, I couldn’t do otherwise because she was very good to me really.”

Marjorie Reed leads me on the Butterfield Stagecoach route


Vallecito has always been Marjorie’s favorite. “In the ’30s, I’d come up here and walk up there along the old road through this valley. Oh, I'd find little tiny kids’ shoes — I think they were from the Mormon Battalion, probably.”