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Alexander Theroux philosophizes on Black's Beach nakedness

Last Eden

Black’s Beach. The “world’s largest nude beach” as it is commonly billed, it may come as something of a surprise to many San Diegans, is officially—legally, technically, formally—a non-nude beach. Clothing is not optional; it ...

Old people and the slack-jaw look

There is a reason

Dear M.A.:There are some old people who sit around with their mouths hanging open. Though they may be brilliant, this expression does not send that message. Is the cause slack jaw muscles? What can a ...

The anatomy of getting a black eye

Why applying a steak might help

Mattster: Why would anybody waste an expensive steak by putting it on a black eye? Does that really work? If so, how? If not, where did that old idea come from? — Jack, Escondido You’re ...

The Spruce Goose and Evergreen International's sad story

The big green plane at San Diego's Jimsair

Matthew Alice: There’s a big green jetliner, #N940F, parked near Jimsair (Pacific Highway and Palm) on the east edge of Lindbergh Field. Rumors are circulating. It apparently belongs to Evergreen International. This is the firm ...

Calvin Trillin's Message from my Father

His personal writing emerged accidentally

“Through most of my childhood he was in the grocery business, which meant he wasn’t home a lot. And I left home after high school. So I thought I didn’t have enough to write about.”

Let’s Be Friends

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