Content for Thursday, January 18, 1996

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San Diego's military wives – practicality incarnate

Troopers, angels, and heartbreakers

Clutter doesn’t exist In their homes. The first thing you notice is order; and you don't just see it, you feel it. Nothing is out of place. Toys are on shelves, coffee-table books and family ...

Bodies still buried in Mission Hills Pioneer Park

But gravestones thrown into ravine at Holy Cross

Dear Saint Matt: Help! My husband and I have been arguing over this useless bit of info for four years. According to him and the headstones on the back ridge, Grant Park in Mission Hills ...

The Parkinson's connections with flu shots

The 1982 Lancet article

Dear Matthew Alice: My mother-in-law told me she believes her father got Parkinson’s disease from a flu shot. I think it sounds pretty far-fetched. But she insists on it with the same tenacity she asserts ...

Quentin Tarantino idolizers will tell you what's in briefcase of Pulp Fiction

Nuclear material, jewel-encrusted falcon?

Matt: Okay. I hope I’m not out of line or anything, but you seem to be the answer guy, and I just gotta know this. Ready? Here goes.... In the movie Pulp Fiction, what was ...