Content for Thursday, February 29, 1996

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San Diego packs heat

But they mostly keep quiet about it

Shirley Starr has lived with fear for more than two years, ever since she looked into the eyes of a man she believes had just killed someone. In the summer of 1993, Starr, an active ...

Robert White owns Rose Kennedy bathing suit but not JFK assassination suit

King of JFK collectors has his wallet and watch from day in Dallas

Matthew Alice: Who, specifically, was driving the car when JFK was assassinated? What was his name? What happened to the car? How about the items that were in JFK's pockets? And his suit? Just need ...

How we infantilize our pets

Dogs who cock their heads are trying to hear

Dear Matthew: Why do dogs cock their heads to the side when they are confused or intrigued? This is a serious question. A puppy did this to my wife recently when she spoke to him ...

The anatomically grotesque 38-18-33 Barbie

Debates in the Mattel boardroom over Ken

Matt: If Barbie was a real person, what would her measurements be? — DJ, Del Mar Thirty-seven-year-old Barbie is still 5'6" tall, nearly 50 percent leg, and measures an anatomically grotesque 38-18-33, same as she ...

John Updike's In the Beauty of the Lilies

New Yorker's theological writer takes to Patterson, New Jersey

"I took the wrong turn in New Jersey and got under the Pulaski Skyway instead of on it. I finally had to call Mr. Shawn from a pay phone to say I was going to be late."