Content for Thursday, February 22, 1996

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Janne Cafara stripped at the old Hollywood Theater (F Street and Third Avenue) for 18 years

A wonderful life in burlesque .

“What was the first thing you took off?” “Your beautiful gown. Then you had what is called a panel, something like a little teddy, and then you took off your brassiere and knit pants. On ...

Railroad tracks sticking up next to I-5 and Mission Bay

Maybe part of Louis Rose brick-making plant

Dear Mr. Alice: When I was but a tyke, an observant friend pointed out a strange sight, one I always look for even to this day. We were heading south on 5, between 52 and ...

The weight of helium

San Diego Welders Supply, 25th and Market, gives the answer

Dear Matt: Does an empty tank of helium weigh more than a full one? Tanks. — Vik, La Mesa Now that you’ve gotten that weighty question off your mind, is your head a little lighter? ...