Content for Thursday, February 1, 1996

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Revolucion: Big Curio Store, Long Bar, Hotel Nelson, Foreign Club, Sara's, Maxim's, Caesar's Hotel, Jai Alai

The street where nothing ever happens until it does

Avenida Revolucion begins at the boundary of the United States and Mexico, at the junction with Avenida Internacional where, at rush hour, cars come racing around the corner onto Revolucion. At the very bottom of ...

Nothing odd about a scream in a song called “Rollercoaster”

Ohio Players — near-naked women, yes; murder, no

Oh One of Endless Knowledge: In a recent musical-intellectual discussion, it was brought to our attention by a colleague that in the song “Love Rollercoaster” by the Ohio Players there can be heard a blood-curdling ...

Monty Python fans invented spamming

“We’ve got Spam. Eggs and Spam. Spam, eggs, and Spam. Spam, Spam, sausage, and Spam.

Matmail: Where did the term “spamming” come from? I assume it has something to do with the canned meat, but what? — Marika, San Diego “Spamming,” for you pencil-pushers, is the mass distribution of an ...

The connection between bugs and jelly on toast

The proper death position

Dear Matthew Alice: Why is it that when I bomb my house for bugs, the dead ones are always on their backs? — J.A., La Mesa Those bombs attack the bugs’ nervous systems, and they ...

Death by guillotine vs. electrocution or injection

Your severed mind is taking things far too literally

Matt: If someone is executed by guillotine, would he retain consciousness for a short time after the blade fell? Would he see the basket rushing toward his face? Would he have a hell of a ...

Anywhere you looked around Otay, Chula, National, you’d find charred vatos

Someone shot my nephew in the head and set him on fire

As I drove through the small maze of ramps leading from 805 to Holy Cross Cemetery, I realized again how much San Diego has changed. On every corner of the intersection, facing every possible direction ...