Content for Thursday, September 7, 1995

News & Stories

Paul Williams, Crawdaddy's daddy, now in Encinitas

Interviews himself on John and Yoko, Jan Wenner, Bob Dylan, Timothy O'Leary

Q: What are you doing in San Diego? A: The quick answer is, I fell in love with a woman who lives here. And one good thing about being a writer is, you can do ...

T.C. Boyle's Tortilla Curtain

"I wanted to look at the ethos of John Steinbeck"

"Avedon was amazed by my hair. He kept pulling little pieces of my hair out and you see them sticking out in the picture. He had just the week before photographed the Cirque de Soleil."

Quail Gardens - the largest bamboo collection in the United States

Zealot obsession pays off

"Most all Asian cultures eat bamboo shoots, and most all bamboo shoots are edible. The shoots of some varieties contain small quantities of cyanide, but that problem can be gotten around by cooking."

"Trucks OK" on bridge overpasses

Right-hand lanes are exit lanes

Dear Matthew Alice: I have always wondered what the sign on bridge overpasses “Trucks OK” over the number-two lane means. — Craig J. Hamren, National City By law, trucks are not OK on highways outside ...

The real Barney

David Joyner in the dino suit, Bob West does the voice

Matt: Who's in that Barney suit? What are his or her acting credentials? Royal Shakespeare company? The Actors Studio? — Master Thespian, San Diego The New York School of Mime and Aggravation, maybe. Barney is ...

When women started shaving

Safety razors and short skirts

Dear Matthew Alice: Could you clear up an argument? I commented that during the love scene in The Piano, it was not authentic for Holly Hunter to have nicely shaved legs. After all, it’s a ...

The famous Fish carburetor

The little guy genius-inventor being stomped on by hard-hearted corporations

Dear Matthew Alice: You’d be doing generations of us an immense favor if you would finally put to rest all these eternal stories of the Fish carburetors, the guy with the water-separation pill, all of ...

San Diego proud VW bus owners — and the story of the Nazi mechanic

Do you ever get called filthy, hippy swine?

The year is 1949, Volkswagen is up and running, building Beetles for the amusement of the four people in America who know about them. Nineteen forty-nine was also the year Volkswagen began commercial production of ...