Content for Thursday, October 26, 1995

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Tijuana's famous death artist Asturiano hidden in Colonia Rubi

Grand banquet of the skeletons

“GO TO THE TORTILLA SHOP ON the corner. You'll find a big, dark-skinned man who works there and looks like a wrestler, with many tattoos of the Virgin of Guadalupe on his arms. He knows ...

Manhattan classmate Penny had leukemia

One look and even a kid knew she was dying.

I didn’t say anything. For two reasons. One was that my mother hated “emotional displays,” and the other was that how I really felt was that I was glad it was Penny dead and not me.

The fate of O. J. Simpson court evidence

And that of John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Menendez brothers

Mr. (or Ms.) Alice: Now that the trial of the century has ended, and Mr. Simpson has apparently convinced the jury that the hat and gloves probably weren't his, what happens to those items and ...