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I sail in Hawaii with Michael Reagan

This world on its voyage to eternity

Michael Reagan is fast becoming an honorary captain of the Ship of State, as I discovered when I signed on for the American-Hawaii cruise through the “ports of Paradise" on the S.S. Independence. Colleen, Mike's ...

San Diego's David Casey – a lawyer's John Wayne

San Diego's rough and tumble legal past

“We had seven little carriers, converted oil tankers, and I think 11 small destroyer escorts. The Japs came in with their big guns and their big battleships.”

Arguments against the drug Ecstacy

The dangers add to the thrills

Matthew Alice: This is the second time I find myself typing a letter to you about the same subject. I sent the first letter some months ago. I had written you about the illegal drug ...

"Fade to black" goes back to 1904

It was a technical direction in film

Don’t let me down! We’ve got a lot riding on this one, Mr. A. I could win myself an entire Saturday with my husband in tow, doing the “sacred DO list.” On the other hand, ...

Mark Quark, turntable man at the Flame

House music with sprinkles on top

When Mark E. Quark takes over the turntables at the Flame on Monday nights, the outside world gets lost between the beats. Quark, house DJ during a venue club called G-Force, steps into the booth ...

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